spiritual teacher | Ritual Facilitator

I am a Visionary - A Voice of Spirit - A Woman of utter Devotion to Her Purpose

I will guide you through the deep layers of remembering your souls purpose and awakening to the intrinsic energy that is you. Your unique journey brings layers of spiritual awakenings that I can help you navigate and help you connection to your guides and the divine.

I believe the deeper you connect to your ancestors and bring forth their stories, the deeper you will be able to know yourself. My fine tuned abilities create a sacred space for spirit to communicate with you.  

Love and Blessings



Upcoming Classes

International ancestor healing ritual

Sweden, Europe - early summer 2019

Details coming soon…

Individual Sessions with Anais

"Anais' unworldly insight into the realm of Spirit and ancestors has been like a tectonic shift not only towards the process in healing, but also in articulating my own insight and sense of spiritual autonomy that is already within."   ~Eunjoo Shee

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