spiritual teacher | Ritual Facilitator

I am a Visionary - A Voice of Spirit - A Woman of utter Devotion to Her Purpose

I will guide you through the deep layers of remembering your souls purpose and awakening to the intrinsic energy that is you. Your unique journey brings layers of spiritual awakenings that I can help you navigate and help you connection to your guides and the divine.

I believe the deeper you connect to your ancestors and bring forth their stories, the deeper you will be able to know yourself. My fine tuned abilities create a sacred space for spirit to communicate with you.  

Love and Blessings



Activate your third eye class

This new class has me bubbling with excitement! Spirit is bringing through new and different energies for everyone.

This 7 week online zoom class is a training to awaken your third eye. You all have spiritual gifts, some more strong or active than others. Though this training you will tap deeper into your spiritual sight and expand your energetic awareness, thus creating more space for you to grow and evolve.

We begin February 2019

Individual Sessions with Anais

"Anais' unworldly insight into the realm of Spirit and ancestors has been like a tectonic shift not only towards the process in healing, but also in articulating my own insight and sense of spiritual autonomy that is already within."   ~Eunjoo Shee

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Ancestor Healing Ritual

Clearlake Oaks, California May 3-5


The Ancestor Healing Ritual is one where we come together as community to collectively Remember our people, to honor and help our family members that have since left this reality. We pray to grieve enough that we can Together generate energy to guide some of them home.  We feel them, we feel what they feel and if they are not well- stuck between worlds- we feel that and our lives are affected. We carry their blessings, we carry their sacrifices, we carry their pain and if they are ghosts we carry Them- literally. 

Two online Zoom classes April 19 & April 26, 2019. Day and Time tbd

*Ritual will be at Ravens Landing in Clearlake Oaks, Ca

 Friday May 3, 2019 start by 4pm- Sun May 5, end 12 pm.

International ancestor healing ritual

Sweden, Europe - early summer 2019

Details coming soon…

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