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Expanding Consciousness
Channel for Sirian Star Beings

Blessings! This is a place for starseeds, empaths, those here to create change and awaken! We need you and I can help you activate. You are likely being called upon by spirit as the times are louder than ever and we must take action.


My Sirian star family is persistent in the messages they share and frequencies are shifting. The energy is of higher consciousness and with new realities birthing, you may deeply feel the call of your own soul beckoning to grow. I am here to help guide you in expanding your consciousness and remembering your purpose role in this great time of change.


We welcome you and you can find community with us.

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Riding Dragons Frequency

A Cosmic Journey Out Of Time

7 week Gathering - Live Zoom

July 2023

Dragon medicine is powerful, sacred and deeply rooted in this planet - Mother Earth. Their willingness to work in a collective space is blessed and you must come with your heart open and your instincts on! These creatures can appear elemental as they connect to all the powers of nature, they move with a force that is only dragon.