Expanding Consciousness
Channel for Sirian Star Beings

Blessings! This is a place for starseeds, empaths, those here to create change and awaken! We need you and I can help you activate. You are likely being called upon by spirit as the times are louder than ever and we must take action.


My Sirian star family is persistent in the messages they share and frequencies are shifting. The energy is of higher consciousness and with new realities birthing, you may deeply feel the call of your own soul beckoning to grow. I am here to help guide you in expanding your consciousness and remembering your purpose role in this great time of change.


We welcome you and you can find community with us.

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Galatic Starseed Memories
Self paced e-course created to help those that feel like they are starseeds; those that are highly empathic and highly sensitive. Those that want to connect with their guides and awaken memories- memories that can help grow your remembering of who you are and why you are here incarnate now.  
Cosmic Dream Time
Self paced e-course created for those looking to step deeper into their dreamtime and to open to the many possibilities available in your dream space. You can move through the teachings at a rhythm that allows you to take in the energy and begin to implement the work on your own. 
Star Being Activations
Starseed Activation
Lucid Dreamers
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Upcoming Trainings


Advanced StarSeed Collective

Sep 2022


StarSeed Alignment Series - Activation

Oct, 2022


Lucid Dreamers Stargate


Starseed Activation
Oct 2022 • 7 weeks, once a week • live virtual

Expansion of the highest degrees from star beings requires you to create space for the process. This means being rewired, unprogrammed and uploaded with electric vibrations that your consciousness magnetizes to... your unique resonance. As a star seed there are seeds in you- mini constellations, that wait for just the right substrate to activate!

Applications Open!

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Lucid Dreamers Stargate

10 week - Live Zoom - July 2023

You will gather with others, like you, that can easily lucid dream and my star family and I will rearrange, activate and open you to be a part of helping the collective consciousness within the dream scape and here. 

Guided Meditations
Receive a guided meditation so you can do it on your own time, at your own pace.
These meditations will take you though grounding, chakra energy, releasing toxins, energy work and much more.  Join me on a guided meditation to help you center. 
Higher Consciousness
Praise for Anais

"I've been looking for someone my whole life who would understand me and help me grow as a starseed in a human body. I finally found Anaïs. Even on the other side of the globe she finds a way to help starseeds with their struggles and help them to finally awaken so that we can help others and ourself in return. It's also amazing to hear how she exactly knows what's going on in our lives and what blocks us. After my first private session via telephone I could feel the energy flow through my body, I felt so much stronger and loving towards myself and others. She helped me start this new adventure of finding my true self again and letting go of negative energy. And for that I am thankful for having her in our lives."

~ Isabelle Zapalowski. Belgium, Europe