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I am a Visionary - A Voice of  Spirit - A Woman of  utter Devotion to Her Purpose

Our world Our collective reality -has become one continuously pumped full of fear, control and manipulation. It has become glaringly obvious to most that things have to Change and yet so many don't know how they can be a part of a change...How to Rise up and .... and...

This is where Spirit can help you! This is where My Purpose and Gifts culminate and flow like rivers of consciousness guided by swans and Love! You know deep inside- You carry medicine! You know You have something to offer- something Sacred you keep tucked away And you also Know -You are Seeking a part of You that calls to be Heard! Let that seed sprout, We need You and Now is no time to sit Idle. You can and Will make a difference! Be brave, be bold and let Spirit guide You!

Love and Blessings



August Online Class: Fae WEekend


The Fae are powerful ancient beings that have become woven into mythology, into folklore and in many places they are still very much believed in.  They are choosing to speak out now and have many teachings to share. 

They are calling a circle to gather... we will share, they will share and in the open allowing of energy what is intended to grow will be fed! All are welcome, some will feel a pull, others a whiff of memory. Follow energy and feel if they call you. 

Golden starry temple - mystery school

9 month mystery school beginning January 2019

The mission of Golden Starry Temple is to delve into great mysteries that once were understood. For you to look deep within and inquire of your ancestors, your guides. Those that walk and move with you- those that whisper guidance along the way. To come to them, knees bent, pleading for a relationship you actively partake in. To attempt to re-wild a part of you that has been pounded down, beat into submission by a modern machine driven world. For its in our own deep ancestral memories we must begin to awaken. We much choose to stop and really settle ourselves, to begin to start. We all come from histories of pain, of trauma and we can choose to gather, as broken as we are, because this is where we can and must begin to heal.

Individual Sessions with Anais


"Anais' unworldly insight into the realm of Spirit and ancestors has been like a tectonic shift not only towards the process in healing, but also in articulating my own insight and sense of spiritual autonomy that is already within."   ~Eunjoo Shee

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