Expanding Consciousness
Channel for Sirian Star Beings

Blessings! This is a place for starseeds, empaths, those here to create change and awaken! We need you and I can help you activate. You are likely being called upon by spirit as the times are louder than ever and we must take action.


My Sirian star family is persistent in the messages they share and frequencies are shifting. The energy is of higher consciousness and with new realities birthing, you may deeply feel the call of your own soul beckoning to grow. I am here to help guide you in expanding your consciousness and remembering your purpose role in this great time of change.


We welcome you and you can find community with us.

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Star Being Activations
Image by Andy Holmes
Upcoming Trainings



StarBeings & 3rd Eye Vision

April 2, 2022 – May 14, 2022



StarSeed Alignment Series - Activation

April 16, 2022 – May 28, 2022



Lucid Dreamers StarGate Training

Aug 7, 2022 – Oct 9, 2022

Starseed Activation
April 16, 2022 • 7 weeks, once a week • live virtual

Expansion of the highest degrees from star beings requires you to create space for the process. This means being rewired, unprogrammed and uploaded with electric vibrations that your consciousness magnetizes to... your unique resonance. As a star seed there are seeds in you- mini constellations, that wait for just the right substrate to activate!

Applications Open!

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Lucid Dreamers Training

10 week - Live Zoom - Aug 2022

"The time has come to gather the dreamers, those that have the natural ability to be Lucid in dreamtime - the astral travelers of high caliber. My Star Family has been giving me visions of this work for some time and Your particular medicine is needed Now and comes with the blessing of my Elder StarBeing Counsel."


~ Anais

Higher Consciousness
Praise for Anais

"There are really no human words to describe the organic and authentic experience I’ve had in both private and in the starseed activate class with Anais. She is an experience in herself. She is so knowledgeable in her teachings, which are a completely interactive experience. I was in a very scary place embarking upon an awakening and I was unaware of what was even happening. She was so gentle with me and I was very comfortable from day one. I felt her warm energy and felt safe as she worked with me in our healing sessions. It was exactly what I needed,when I needed it and that is the beauty in her work . She’s amazing at her gift and that’s just it! There wasn’t one class or session where I didn’t leave feeling enlightened,filled with light and love and a bigger appetite for my truth and that in itself speaks volumes! That’s what I call a HEALER."


~ Nicole Turner. Wilmington, CA