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StarSeeds and Awakenings

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The resonance of starseeds grows with every awakening that occurs for one of us; the collective vibration shifts into higher dimensions for all. Awakenings happen when you begin to embrace your originality and difference, rather than try to blend and conform. This can be tricky as starseeds have a tendency to feel alone in their difference and usually find it hard to relate to the life of this planet. Thus a longing to fit in can persuade some to act in a manner that “fits” into the masses, when really you need to stand strong in your uniqueness! This is where people will begin to actually see you and you can find real community, ones that not only support you, but believe in you as well.

We all need to be supported in some manner or another, although many of us go at it alone. The more authentic you can be, the more you will attract others like you. It takes courage to be different and stand out from the matrix projection, but most likely you stand out any way, even in your attempt to blend. This will become a blessing, even if it is frustrating at first. Most awakenings are intense and you must realize the energy needed to pull you from slumber, layer by layer, is itself large. Yet, you are given opportunity after opportunity to peel back your unconscious and really begin to remember. Each awakening takes you deeper into yourself and closer to your mission.

Awakenings will shatter a part of you that is ready to be more aware, thus allowing space for consciousness to ripple out. It’s a process of destruction and change and it can be rather painful. Hold strong and trust that you are always guided, for you are. Tune into what causes you fear and and look deeper. What are you not willing to give up? Why?!


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