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Image by Graham Holtshausen



I was marked by spirit and I began to understand ~ to remember my Sirian origination and layers of my mission.

I came into this life time with a lot of determination to create change and take on some very hard lessons and of course we forget most of our mission and agreements when we are born and I was no exception.


I was an extremely sensitive child as my third eye was open and I could see varying dimensions, my star family, spirits and dark spirits. My parents were young, running from normality and fighting the system, which included a tremendous deal of partying, drinking and drug use.


For me it was watching the adults around me leave their bodies and right away dark energy would enter them. It made me fearful of people, their energy usually did not match their words. I stayed with nature, animals and mostly my spirit guides and star family. I always knew I wasn't like everyone else and that I wasn't from this place. I longed for home even though it was a memory I couldn't quite remember.


It left me feeling alone and oftentimes confused, especially with people. 

I spent a great deal of time alone out in nature in Montana, where I did feel alive and happy. I would play with the fae in the forest for hours and hours. They told me stories of the creatures of this world and how I came from the stars. I would lay in a big field that the forest bordered and the stars would teach me many things. It was an interesting energy of totally understanding and not at all and it all worked for me. Star beings appeared to me a lot when i was going to bed and they would follow into my dream time. This was my family too and I survived because of them. I learned early on not to share this part of my reality with other humans as no one i was around understood. 

I didn't have any interest in people or friends until adolescence, where I started to care. I kept my real self hidden and began to conform to the masses… or so I tried. High school was a blur of anger and reckless behavior and I wore a mask and ignored spirit as best I could. My star family watched and when they came I would listen, although I would not act on their guidance. I pretended I didnt see and know all the layers of energy I did; I basically played dumb. When I was eighteen I was casually eating dinner on my bed when all of a sudden I was slammed into a vision. I was running down a huge tunnel that was showing me running scenarios of my life and they were telling me I had to start; I was running, covering my ears and screaming no! When I came to I had had a grand mal seizure and my mom was all freaked out. I didn't care, I just kept telling her what I experienced. She took me to a neurologist who I attempted to tell my story to, he laughed and said it was my brain misfiring. Next I saw a doctor of Chinese medicine, I told him and he listened. He was intrigued and told me he believed me. I still refused to heed spirits call and continued on my incessant desire to blend into what I thought a normal life was. 

Image by Rahul S


The riddle of my seizures is one I have spent a good deal of time elaborating and I go into detail in my book.


Western medicine had no answers, my brain was healthy. I was marked by spirit and I began to understand and remember not only my Sirian origination, but also that I had a mission! I had always kept my star family a secret from people and it was a journey to allow this part of my self to not only be seen but to lead! My medicine is of star beings and loving share now. Humanity, the collective consciousness is at a point where people must courageously step up into who they are to really really help!

A bio is a story and my story is complex, unique and made of many many energies. I share here a small piece and believe the place we connect is powerful and perfect. Being an awakened starseed I move in many realities as does my ongoing journey, teaching and activations. My mission includes all those that are willing to join a bigger mission!

Love & Blessings,


Image by Benjamin Voros

“Transformative, re birthing, and full of love! A dream come true to be in the same space with such strong souls willing to show up and do the work. To future students, get in these classes! You'll never be the same and that's the point.” 

~ James Joyner, Atlanta, Georgia

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