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My words can not describe, how transformational the trainings and teachings with Anais & all the guides were. I did the Starseed and released incredible, very old and heavy energy. To walk on earth without all that weight is a totally new way of being. I feel more connected to my own guides and I feel more in general. So much magic appeared - so so beautiful!!!  I have done spiritual work before but this one was the most profound and powerful experience I had in this life. It opened up a new world. I totally trust Anais and her guides, they really know what they are doing. I am very grateful that I have found them. It’s an honor to work with such a great teacher.  

~ Eleni Lampropoulou, Germany

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 I have worked with Anais through the Starseed Alignment, Third Eye and Lucid Dreaming courses. I can say I’ve made the most progress with her than any other spiritual course or training I’ve taken part in. The shifts were truly profound. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and teachings. The unique tools her starseed family offered throughout the trainings were amazing and tremendously helpful in deepening my meditation practice and spiritual protection. She is the most authentic teacher out there you will find she doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter version of reality. If you commit to the inner work, it’s impossible not to experience great things. 

~ Kate Boldon, Ohio

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Anais offers a very special kind of workshop. Rather than being instructional, the gathering facilitates opening up through storytelling.  The cadence is slow and gentle. Change happens with grace. There is a restorative power in the gathering of star beings, elders, ancestors, and Source energy with humans. 

To someone not familiar with this type of soul work, it might seem like storytelling and talking. Anais and her ethereal team present an experience that brings each participant's voice into harmony with the waking and dream world. It's a voice that transcends the physical vocal cords and with it comes clarity, insight, and imagery. This kind of "exposing the soul" in quantum healing modalities is referred to as "peeling away the layers of the onion." Healing happens almost magically, with just a small amount of negative pressure. Yes, there are some discomforts when you enter this kind of dreamwork and connect with others doing the same; night terrors, grief, fear, facing shadows, or the attraction of unwanted attention from otherworldly beings. Yet, the group stays on track with shields and other gifts. One is to embrace and work with the gifts - the same, but each one intuitively connected to your DNA and ancestry - these fortify intentions and bring about protection as well.


You will leave the workshop with a profound sense of mission and purpose. You will have taken part in something greater than yourself in terms of planetary and human conscious evolution. Dreams will continue to reveal gifts. If you show up and take part, this alchemy radically will radically transform your life.   

~ Kelly Smith. California


"There are really no human words to describe the organic and authentic experience I’ve had in both private and in the starseed activate class with Anais. She is an experience in herself. She is so knowledgeable in her teachings, which are a completely interactive experience. I was in a very scary place embarking upon an awakening and I was unaware of what was even  happening. She was so gentle with me and I was very comfortable from day one. I felt her warm energy and felt safe as she worked with me in our healing sessions. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it and that is the beauty in her work. She’s amazing at her gift and that’s just it! There wasn’t one class or session where I didn’t leave feeling enlightened, filled with light and love and a bigger appetite for my truth and that in itself speaks volumes! That’s what I call a HEALER."

~ Nicole Turner. Wilmington, CA


"I was brought to Anais through pulses that her star family sent as a message to be part of her work and collective healing. At that time I was having a tremendous change in my life and a spiritual awakening, everything I always believed suddenly became a real experience.

First thing I can say Anais’s group made me feel empowered, for the first time I connected with my sacred feminine and divine masculine, I learned how to ground with nature and let the grace of source pour inside of me.I was healed from matrix mechanisms, healing which brought to me the biggest grace I've ever felt before.I released emotions and foreign energies that were not letting mine flow as a river, I felt guided and protected all the time by the sacred space we created around us. I felt my closed heart starting to open again to life, to people, and to all beings that coexist here and everywhere.

As time pass I could feel the type of gratitude that makes you cry, and I realized the importance of this mission. I can say now I'm certain for the one goal and purpose of life, and that is to help and love others."

~ Maria Pinada. Honduras


"I've been looking for someone my whole life who would understand me and help me grow as a starseed in a human body. I finally found Anaïs. Even on the other side of the globe she finds a way to help starseeds with their struggles and help them to finally awaken so that we can help others and ourself in return. It's also amazing to hear how she exactly knows what's going on in our lives and what blocks us. After my first private session via telephone I could feel the energy flow through my body, I felt so much stronger and loving towards myself and others. She helped me start this new adventure of finding my true self again and letting go of negative energy. And for that I am thankful for having her in our lives."

~ Isabelle Zapalowski. Belgium, Europe


"Anais is the real deal and very authentic in her teachings and healing’s. I’ve experienced her guidance for almost 10 years now and her classes in the last 2 years. Anais’s star seed classes draw people from around the globe. I’ve met some true friends being in these classes and we create a community. We have ventured dimensions together, expanded, healed and connected more deeply with the help of her star family and our third eye…. Group meditations bring us traveling to retrieve parts of our souls and learn about and connect more deeply with guides and ancestors. I feel so grateful to have these skills and friends to connect with long after class."


~ Klara Hagymassy. Stylist, Astrologer. Minneapolis, MN


“Transformative, re birthing, and full of love! A dream come true to be in the same space with such strong souls willing to show up and do the work. To future students, get in these classes! You'll never be the same and that's the point.”

~ James Joyner, Atlanta, Georgia


"I've had the honor of moving through Anais' Starseed & Third Eye Awakening classes; as well as one-on-one work. Anais' unique ability to hold space while her Star Family communicates and lights up our soul blueprint is unlike anything that I've ever experienced before. In group we are asked to dive deep within ourselves and open to a reality within and without that we may have never acknowledged before; we awaken. This work is raw, moving and creates profound shifts as long as YOU are open to showing up and doing the work required. When you make that commitment, what you will experience is life changing. Anais always brings a crystal clear energy and channel to her work. She always shows up on time, ready, prepared, grounded and can read a groups' energy like no one else I've ever worked with. If you feel the call to work with Anais and her Team, I would not hesitate to do so. It's honest and magical work."

~ Amy Stewart, Canada. Usui Reiki Master, Intuitively & Spiritually Guided Energy Work


“Anais’s healing abilities have expanded my knowledge of myself and where I come from. She was able to pick up on traumas I genuinely felt blocked and never spoke about. Shes so nurturing and accepting with her one love collective energy it’s obvious in the way she picks up on everything and how to help you shift your own perspective and reality. Having a kind open soul like her help with both one on one sessions and her classes . She’s allowed me to see a better version of life’s past repeated cycles that is created by consciousness and daily practices that bring us back home. Funny, witty, and beyond intelligent she’s truly changing lives and staying present to help us shift our energy. She’s a gift and an amazing teacher.”

~ Patricia Torres. Denver, Colorado

“I have attended two classes with Anais this year. First, it was a Purpose class and then a two-part class about Spiritual Protection. Both classes have exceeded my rather high expectations. Anais has a fantastic way of creating a safe environment and holding space for everyone in the classes. It’s been fun and very interesting to attend the video calls and on the rare occasions that I have had to miss a meeting, I have felt really sad about it. 

I have learned so much about Spirit and myself from the classes. I’m struggling to find words to explain how I have changed thanks to Anais and the other participants in the classes. Not only am I becoming more true to myself but I have also made friends for life. The second part of the protection class was a gathering in Buckhorn Springs, Oregon. The video classes have been a wonderful blessing, but seeing Anais and my other friends in real life truly added to the experience! We made ritual, talked about everything, created medicine pouches, walked in nature and truly got to know each other. We laughed and we cried together. 

I live in Sweden, so coming to the American West Coast for the gathering was quite a long way to travel. It was definitely worth it, though, and I will do it again sometime if the opportunity comes. My spiritual journey has just begun and I still have so much to learn and experience! Anais is a great teacher and a wonderful friend. I consider myself so lucky to know her and have the chance to be guided by her.”

~ Daniel Franzen, Sweden

"I want to share the last session my daughter and I had with Anais. My youngest daughter Aydan , 7 years old, had ran into my bedroom one evening complaining of hearing voices. I've always known that she's very sensitive and spiritual, but this night stood out like no other. She told me that she was hearing voices, which she has said many of times, but this time was different. She said it was dark, and she was afraid..I quickly held her and thought of my next move. I reached out to Anais the following morning, where she validated my daughters fears... The next day we had a session. Needless to say, Aydan loved and Loves Anais. Being that Aydan is only 7, Anais walked her through what would be happening and Aydan dove right in. It was awesome to say the least! After the session, Anais told Aydan what she needed to do to keep those "monsters" away... and I must say, She meditates every night before bed and she hasn't heard those voices since! My session was awesome as well, the spiritual healing is always right on...the energy I feel when I'm done is like no other... and she's always on point. We will most definitely have another session soon!"

~ Christina Graham. California

Andre Silva Testimonial or Anais Szabo

Andre Silva Testimonial or Anais Szabo

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