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Image by Graham Holtshausen

Cosmic DreamTime Circle

Where we can create consciousness in dreamtime together!
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Dreams are a place where no boundaries impede, a place where while you are incarnated, you as spirit, can and do travel interdimensionally. With modern times come many many distractions that cloud the human mind, creating static, disembodiment and a disconnect from your dreamtime. It takes your willingness to open your dream scape with consciousness, to allow your space travels to remain with you as you move in this reality. Reengaging these ripe symbolic terrains from the being you are now is where you can enter into a deeper relationship with your dream world and feed a connection from there to here. 


My dreamtime has always been strongly connected to my third eye and visions. Those lines blurred for me and as I grew in spiritual abilities and consciousness, I was shown the rivers of time and I continue to be guided from all open channels, including dreamtime. My Star Family speaks of the bondage some humans have with their mind and that they believe they can ‘think’ everything. Dreamtime is out of the mind, into many realities and there is much to learn, remember, experience and heal.  


This circle is for all levels of dreamers who are looking to drop in deeper, grow and expand your awareness with dreamtime. Being present for others as they share and go through their own journey with dreams can and will activate dormant energies in you! While our dream scapes are unique and different we will find the connecting energies between us all. 


This gathering will be held and guided by my Star Family and I, which means most of it will be channeled specifically for those present. We will engage  karmic energy, karmic wisdom, time portals, ancestors, guides… We will share some techniques and strongly look to awakening lucidity in dreamtime as much as possible. There is always energy that needs to be teased up and cleared from your energy centers and as we go through such healings you will have more space to hold energy that's calling to you.  



This is a 5 week gathering, meeting 2 hours once a week. It is important for you to create the time and space to work with energy between the gatherings, so when we meet your energy is ripe and ready. The group will be on the smaller side, to allow for sharing and participation.


The exchange for cosmic dreamtime circle is $950.00, with a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your place.

There are payment plans available and an application process.

Image by Alex

Cosmic DreamTime Circle



Cosmic DreamTime Circle
5 weeks
once a week, 2hrs

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