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StarSeed Healing MethodTM

StarSeed Healing MethodTM
A Sirian method for the Earth plane   
Star Being & Anais Szabo creation
A 6 month journey

The StarSeed healing method is one that my Star Family has been preparing me for and we have reached the configuration where it is ready to be offered. 

This training method is a culmination of healing my star family has helped me with; ways they have expanded my consciousness; energy where my spiritual abilities have guided me; past life wisdom being remembered and all the trauma and density I have worked with this lifetime and past… As a StarSeed I have found myself on the fringe of the “normal” human experience most of this life and learning how to actually be here and truly connect to this beautiful planet took a lot of intense awakenings. Spiritual growth is a constant and my guides have kept me close to my mission, even when I was unaware. 


We all have our epic stories and realizations that we are here to assist humanity in some way and it is to this energy you owe your allegiance. It is to your alive and growing MISSION to which you must turn and hold courage to live honoring the intentions you created for this life before you came here.


Most StarSeeds carry unique medicine that is meant to be an elixir on this planet and it usually is an energy you have resisted in some form. Awakenings happen again and again- layer by layer and as you are able to heal and shift dense energy you come closer to your cosmic essence- your abilities expand and your purpose begins to encompass you. 


The StarSeed healing method is a kaleidoscope of energies that attract to one another as you enter a healing space with someone. While we will offer energetic techniques and tools to call upon, you and your unique energy will open nodes of your cosmic blueprint that will ultimately guide you to assist others. Your healing is key and it is from your own well of experiences collectively you will actively draw upon and activate.

This method has been created with three layers of entrance; three phases that we will guide you through vibration by vibration. This is an active method that wants to dance with your mission- it will grow as your consciousness grows. It is a live in time training where you will step out of literal time and space and enter realms you likely are familiar with and that familiarity will expand. My Star Family will assist by communicating with your guides and bearing witness to your consciousness stretching with your awareness. Energy is alive and ever shifting as is this method and we will flow in an organic manner as you step out of the way of your medicine from channeling through.



Your Healing As a Healer

Phase one is the layer of entrance where we will engage your energy and the healing you have done and continue to do. The reiteration of your open spiritual channels will hold you and help you open beyond your current frequency allowing for your energy to begin to shift into how it can be used to assist others. Your personal healing never ends and we will tap into the wisdom you have been blessed with to prime you for phase two. 

~We will engage these energies in varying manners ~

Your strongest spiritual channel and how to open the others to have them in communication


Using your human mind to move into consciousness

Your energy centers - chakras - working with them and keeping them clear

Your Ancestors and engaging them 


Past Life Wisdom

Spiritual protection & tools...


Phase One is 5 live gatherings. More in details

There will be personal work for you to do between phase one and phase two


Guiding people inward

Phase two is where we will delve into the techniques and technology of the StarSeed Healing Method. In this container you will open to Source, your guides and to your cosmic blue prints song as it harmonizes with your etheric rings. This will help allow your spiritual channels to open to assist others and to assist the collective consciousness. As StarSeeds we are here with grand missions and a part of your mission is the collective consciousness; as we are all part of it. Our personal healing is laced with the collectives as well as all those we assist with our medicine. We work with big picture energy and this energy will swirl and land for you exactly as it will - to bring forth your abilities. 

While this method has particular tools and technology, my medicine and abilities flow with my star family and the star being council which implies constant possibility of evolution. Your vibration and the groups will be a part the flow and of how we share energy. You are required to show up and do your best to express with your essence, for there is no other way and you as a being understand this. 

~Some of the energy of phase two~

Guiding people inward 

Working with Source energy, Earth energy & Cosmic energy with clients

Visioning & Star Being Technology


StarSeeds & Dragons

StarSeed Frequency attunement 

Ethereal Rings

Cosmic Blue Prints...

Phase two is 8 live gatherings. More in details


Your Practice & Beyond

Phase three of the StarSeed Healing Method circumferences you're practice and how to open and expand your business. There are many recipes and ways to share your work with the world and we will look into some ethical organic possibilities. Working with Star Beings and opening yourself to the public is more a matter of your unique substance and healing abilities guiding you. You attract people due to your medicine not your marketing abilities. This mainstream 3D reality and "business" do not move with any integrity and you must be prepared to be different in that respect. We will attempt to work with our colonial conditioning to not operate from that framework. This takes courage and your willingness to put your mission as the main objective with all else deriving from it... Star Beings that are present to assist humanity care not for the material desires of your human-ness. This work is designed to help people in their personal journeys of spiritual evolution and its from core understanding you will ride the current of your mission. 


~Some of the energies we will engage~


 Being utterly sensitive and aware culturally, economically and beyond. Facing your conditioning 

Connecting with people 

Sharing your practice - website, social media...


Guidance & practice on using the StarSeed Healing Method

Phase One is 5 live gatherings. More in details


The StarSeed Healing Method is a total of 18 live trainings offered in three phases

-This is a 6 month journey- 

~ Phase One is 5 weeks, where we gather once a week for two hours. 

There will be a 2 week space between phase two with personal work for you to do

~ Phase Two is 8 weeks, once a week 2 hours

A space of 3-4 weeks between. Your will practice the method between 

~ Phase three 5 weeks, once a week 2 hours

The final class will include personalized feedback

All classes are Live zoom; 2 hours each

Small class sizes for individual attention

This is an organic flowing training and Anais will be channeling and guiding you on this journey

You will have access to recordings of live training for 6 months


Upon completion of the StarSeed Healing method training you will receive an official certification which allows you the use of the method and sharing that you have been certified. You will be added to a page on this site specifically for those certified in the StarSeed Healing Method with your bio and a link to your information.As a practitioner of this method you will of course add your medicine and essence and your star family will indeed be informing you. It is a blessing to work with Star Beings and the receive there guidance- for they know you; they know your being! 



The investment for the StarSeed Method 


There are payment plans available that can begin once accepted & extend through the training

You will also be given 12 month access to E-courses ($670 value)

~Galactic StarSeed Memories 


~Cosmic Dream Time

There is an application process to insure your energy is a fit for this training

StarSeeds remember 

Your Star Family always

has a pulse on you


They come to see

you often

-Anais Szabo-

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