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Catalizying StarSeed Missions

Catalyzing StarSeed Missions
The coming together of specialists


While witnessing the connections of some of my big visions and awakenings, my star family has instructed it is now appropriate to bring specialists together in this reality. I have seen this in different ways with varying energy and the main purpose is that of light streams growing when in proximity of one another. Beginning to remember your speciality while incarnate here in these times is a matter of bending matter, of witnessing the physical and mental dimensions of this reality and knowing somehow it is malleable and the physics used here is not limited. 

You may have seen and experienced this in dreamtime, in experiences that are outside of the mundane reality so many confine themselves to in this place. Somewhere in your essence you know there is so much more. And that so much more is why you are here. It has come to be shown after working with enough of what they refer to as "specialists" that our missions far exceed what we believe we are capable of and to shift this requires a catalyzing process that is titrated when together and assisted by my star family. 

Part of the beauty of bringing specialist together is how unique our abilities are and how we have come to utilize them here. These are not gifts that can be taught or even replicated for they originate from star systems and are used accordingly. Being here we must work in a different way to awaken these gifts and they do not and will not conform to any over arching way, hence you are the one to awaken them. 

Everything arrises from your mission! And every energy dense and light of you is connected to your mission. This must become clear in your reality, so clear that you begin to move different. Your perceptions will change and we seek such blessings.


No matter how your mission has you expressing it in this reality it desires to do more and somewhere inside you know this. As starseeds we already hold a vibration that is outside of the general grid and part of my journey has been to honor and deeply embrace my differences. It was from this point my expansion accelerated and mission grew right along with me. Nothing is truly stagnant, everything is matter and matter is alive and changes at will. This is a hard thing to grasp as this 3d reality is strong in its conditioning on the human mind and soul And this is precisely why we work with the collective consciousness to help bring about  higher awareness. 

Magical Landscapes

This gathering will move in an organic manner as what will occur will occur when we are all together. This will be a beginning of sorts to see how energy opens up and from there it will grow into other levels and gatherings. Of course, we have done this before and we will do it again... mostly we have already helped shift energy here And we can do So Much More!

Investment and details

December 2023

Exchange is $1700. Payment plans available

7 weekly Gatherings, 2 hours each. Live Zoom

Recordings will be available per week

Date and time TBD

There is an application process

I offer one partial scholarship for BIPOC

Amazing fantastic background - extraterrestrial aliens spaceship fly above sunset sea, ufo
StarSeeds remember
your star family always
has a pulse on you
and they come
to see you often
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