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Private Session

Star Being Channeled Session

In this Sacred Space they can guide You as an eternal Being, help you Remember Who You are and your purpose for being here.


As an awakened Sirian StarSeed, I have highly developed and attuned spiritual gifts which allow me to directly connect with my Star Family and my Star Being Elder Counsel. Star Beings are of high consciousness and can shift your awareness to your bigger soul picture.

As a master seer, my vision and third eye are open and clear, giving space for the energy that you require to come through. During a session I watch the visions they send me in connection to your highest good and translate the story for you on many energetic layers. This in itself offers the possibility for you to delete timelines and move into the vast realm of spirit, where you are truly seen and assisted. 

We look to you as a soul and as your energy expresses we clear blocks, helping you move deeper into you. We will connect you with your guides that come to heal and shift your conscious awareness. The sacred space is protectively and energetically held and giving you the stripped down realm of truth.

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Session Cost $241

*Payment is due to book  

  • All sessions done via zoom using audio only

  • PayPal link below, processing fee included. Venmo is also accepted

  • You may reschedule or cancel within 48 hours of session - following that there are no reschedules or refunds

  • Allow 48 hour for response

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"There are really no human words to describe the organic and authentic experience I’ve had in both private and in the starseed activate class with Anais. She is an experience in herself. She is so knowledgeable in her teachings, which are a completely interactive experience. I was in a very scary place embarking upon an awakening and I was unaware of what was even happening. She was so gentle with me and I was very comfortable from day one. I felt her warm energy and felt safe as she worked with me in our healing sessions. It was exactly what I needed,when I needed it and that is the beauty in her work . She’s amazing at her gift and that’s just it! There wasn’t one class or session where I didn’t leave feeling enlightened,filled with light and love and a bigger appetite for my truth and that in itself speaks volumes! That’s what I call a HEALER."

~ Nicole Turner. Wilmington, CA