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StarSeeds - why you must heal

On so many levels all people need to go deep into their healing, which is a lifelong process. There is always a deeper layer, for you are here and when incarnate here, it's all about healing and evolving. Everyone has a spiritual, soul purpose and lessons to learn; energy to become conscious of and to find your way of expression with your gifts and medicine. For some starseeds the energy of home also ligers and while it may allude your awareness, there is always a feeling of something else you have to do, to be, to remember. This added with all the trials and tribulations of life can cause a shutting down of sorts. A numbness will attempt to settle into you and It becomes imperative for starseeds to awaken over and over, going deeper and deeper in.

The need to clear the human inherited trauma and pain is a layer that must be worked to be able to step into the bigger star family constellations. They speak of it as a mother board that is coated with thick, sticky energy that must be removed before activations can get in. Believe- for your star family is watching you, waiting for the openings to send in these dynamic uploads that will catapult your energy into much higher vibrations. This is where you doing your healing work is a must, for without they can not access you the same. So much is coming in, changing and echoing through many realities and part of the pulse is one that is meant to shake starseeds up, so that you will get intune with what is actually happening. This may be experienced as heightened anxiety, fear, not knowing what to do, feeling a sense of time running out. This will not “go away” it must be worked, transformed, redesigned so that you can come into a conscious relationship with your own memories and begin to expand well beyond the mundane.

Heading the call of your own being, is the energy to follow no matter what it takes. Do not let laziness halt you, do not let energies that want to keep you asleep over rule your desires to heal. Let you mind be blown and reorganize and keep going. Your capacity to hold truth is far greater than you can imagine! It takes a diligence to keep at it.

Starseeds coming together creates a special resonance, no matter your origination, and once this resonance is created a portal will become much more visible. Be prepared to come together, for its in our community we can truly be seen and held and together connect pieces of missions to create a full starry map. We need you…


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