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Healers Training


Healers Training

11 week Live Zoom

It's more important than ever for You to step into your medicine and spiritual purpose for being incarnate this lifetime, as we are in potent times of change. As a new earth is birthed the need for light workers, starseeds, empaths, medicine people... to step into service is strong. You have spiritual abilities that await your decision to sprout them and to further activate your purpose. This training revolves around the sweet courtship of your purpose and putting energy into action. You will dive into your energetic make up, grow your abilities and courageously step into a higher version of yourself and share it. 

Do you Feel ready to

~ Open to your healing abilities

~ Step into your medicine 

~ Activate your purpose

~ Work with your Spiritual gifts

~ Learn to hold space for others

In this training you will work with your strongest spiritual ability to open and activate higher communication with all your energetic sensitivities. We will look to chakra clearings and connections, karmic clearings and wisdom, your ancestral divination forms, working in the akashic records and practice holding space and being present for others. 

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A Closer Look

Activation of your strongest spiritual gift means we will use your gift to further open it. This energy will also help you connect and align all your abilities which offers you a more clear picture of what you are experiencing. 

It is with your gifts we will go deep into chakra clearing and how to help others clear and connect their energy centers in a way that is assists their growth. Working with your own chakras opens you to assisting others do the same.

Karmic energy that is unconscious causes energy to repeat until it is made aware and integrated. We will tap into your karmic cycles and you will develop your ability to help alchemize and transform them for yourself and others. 

Your ancient ancestors had specific divination forms- ways to speak with spirit for healing. You will work with your ancestors and open up to receiving their guidance.

We will connect with the akashic records and allow whales of this reality to assist in this expansive energy. 

All of this will be overseen by my StarFamily and cosmic consciousness. As we weave energy your channels will be activated allowing your rings to sound off in ways they have yet too. Cosmic awareness brings mysterious ways and you will float amidst the mystery as you are forged...

Investment and details

Cost for Healers Training is $2100

11 weekly Gatherings, 2 hours each. Live Zoom

Recordings will be available 

Date and time TBD