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Image by Graham Holtshausen

Lucid Dreamers Training

4Lucid Dreamers Healer Training


It's more important than ever for You to step into your medicine and spiritual purpose for being incarnate this lifetime, as we are in potent times of change. As a new earth is birthed the need for light workers, starseeds, empaths, medicine people... to step into service is strong.

You have spiritual abilities that await your decision to sprout them and to further activate your purpose. This training revolves around the sweet courtship of your purpose and working in dreamtime. You will gather with others, like you, that are big dreamers and those that can lucid dream and my star family and I will rearrange, activate and open you to be a part of helping the collective consciousness within the dream scape and this reality.


We know that being amongst one another, your gifts will heighten and become more specific, thus allowing for a collaborative, yet individual journey to awaken. 

You will dive into your energetic make up, grow your abilities and courageously step into a higher version of yourself and share it. 

Do you Feel ready to

~ Work with your gifts in DreamTime

~ Open to your healing abilities

~ Step into your medicine 

~ Heighten Lucid Dreams

~ Learn to hold space for others

In this training you will work with your strongest spiritual ability and activate higher communication with all your energetic sensitivities. This we will take into dreamtime to begin to retrieve medicine, retrieve elixirs to help support the collective in this reality. We will move with the energy my star family shows and awaken DNA that is ready...

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A Closer Look

Most often being able to lucid dream since childhood comes from ancestral medicine, so having knowledge of the people and cultures you come from is part of the work. Ancestral backing is very protective and you will be engaging your ancestors for their blessings. We will look to clear karmic density that may be impeding your full abilities and with that we will follow your learned lessons from past lives that guide and balance you. 

This will be an experiential process which requires your commitment to show up for the teachings and to implement daily the specific guidance given. It will be a group effort and you will have to quickly learn to trust your makeshift tribe to dive into such deep waters. There is a reason you have this ability and it is ready to grow and be set into action as intended! We honor dreamtime and what comes through, as much as we honor all realities that are in alignment with humanity and the collective evolution of all. 

Be prepared to expand and go inward to retrieve your warrior spirit-  for this work is as dreamtime is- somewhat unknown and exceptionally personal to you and your dreamscape! It will be an accelerated energy to lay the road to jump from. We will offer and you will gather spiritual technology to aid you during your travels. Together much can be achieved, much will be revealed and together we will fly through the ocean floor breathing in the very universe itself, Traveling to the places where All is Literally Possible and we go with powerful intention and backing. The missions will be clear once you are able to navigate the terrain appropriately. 

All of this will be overseen by my StarFamily and cosmic consciousness. As we weave energy your channels will be activated allowing your rings to sound off in ways they have yet too. Cosmic awareness brings mysterious ways and you will float amidst the mystery as you are forged...

Investment and details


10 weekly Gatherings, 2 hours each. Live Zoom

Recordings will be available 

Date and time TBD

The group will be small - offering adequate space for you 


“It is the number 10, the decade, which is the greatest of all. The decade contains all things through a single form and power. The decade was the sum of the Divine influences that hold the universe together or all the manifest laws of nature. Ten is fate, the universe, heaven and even god.”



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