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Cosmic Dreamtime Rituals


 "Dreamtime is a space where while you are incarnate you leave the body and travel. This terrain is vast, expansive and all possibilities exist; you can move through the rivers of time and journey beyond the beyond. It is time to reclaim this energy for yourself and open to all the guidance available in dreamtime. Your ancestors can communicate there as well as your guides. You can change energy in your dreams and the effects will ripple into this reality."


This self paced e-course was created for those looking to step deeper into their dreamtime and to open to the many possibilities available in your dream space. You can move through the teachings at a rhythm that allows you to take in the energy and begin to implement the work on your own. 

This course offers 6 training videos with a total of 90 minute in the series. 



1 - Introduction- An in depth introduction to this dream work & rituals. 34 min

2 - Portals- Moving into portals with dreamtime. 12.21 min
3 - Guides- Your Guides & visualization to connect with them. 10 min

4 - Rituals- Before you sleep rituals. 10 min

5 - Nightmares- Nightmares and how to work with them. 11.50 min

6 - Recall- Dream recall and symbology. 13.55 min


Cosmic DreamTime Rituals is $333

Please note, the series will be available in your account for 12 months

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