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I'm always deeply inspired when my star family comes in with teachings that I am to help activate in others and this download is no different. I notice how they choose times that have a certain energy where they find a clear opening that can potentially reach those that have a receptor or node to receive the activation. The higher consciousness that star beings bring is not only directed at starseeds; they watch humanity and interject where there is an “in” within the collective conscious. They seem to reach out to those that will use the energy to deeply heal and to help create change in this reality. Those willing in some real way to step up and do what others will not, to be brave and have a voice amongst all the chaos this dimension screams with. For within this chaotic energy is a portal, one that goes into other realities simultaneously and it takes the strong spirited individual to be able to hold both. These energy channels are a labyrinth and to begin this journey, you must be willing to commit completely to your evolution. Meaning… always being willing to be uncomfortable, step out of your mundane rhythm and find a way to keep growing despite what blocks arise on your path. This looks different for everyone and a common distraction I witness is those feeling a lack of resources and allowing that to stop them from pursuing deeper spiritual growth. I was recently interviewed by a young man on a mission in his spiritual awakening to share and connect with as many varying types of healers as he can. He is excited and putting a lot of effort into his podcast to share different aspects of personal growth and healing. He was eloquent in his inquiry and asked me many questions; he felt my work was very advanced and was new to the idea of a starseed and yet we spoke at length. His curiosity and excitement had such an inspiring vibration and when he told me his audience is young I understood. His awakenings are just beginning and his enthusiasm to learn is powerful. He inquired of my thoughts on very deep esoteric wisdom and we were able to relate on many levels, as he is open and willing to interpret what I shared into his own perspective. He did not try to change what I was sharing, but to understand from his personal angle. His humility and deep desire to better himself is refreshing and allowed him to receive more than I was saying. I watched his essence kindly take in all that was available to him behind my words. He has somehow been able to thus far take his life experience and allow it to catapult him into his longing to build his spiritual muscles. My star family was closely listening and after the interview they began to show me how important spiritual evolution is for the youth and next generations. They also showed me how some souls coming into these times have an adaptable way of using the matrix and modern conditioning to springboard them into their next expansion and dimension of healing. I sat with this energy for some time waiting to catch the scent to follow in and once I did this is what they told me. “These souls come into a body and some will know how to use all the inherited conditioning and trauma for their acceleration. They will have to undergo strong pressure to crack open enough to remember, but as they do a new way of alluding matrix pit holes will be part of their abilities. These beings will have a voice and exercise it in the world, for they see a way for change and they fight for it.” These will be the new leaders and they require support and grooming from those around them. The pressure they spoke of, may manifest in the form of not having any support and having to face many struggles early in life or having too much family support that they have to aggressively break away from the family rules. The point is, they will need guidance from a spiritual community and they will seek out teachers. They will understand that they need help to grow and they will be humble enough to search for this help. It will not come from a self centered place but rather an understanding of working for the whole, for humanity. This springboard effect will enable them to know their power, stay integral and humble while growing. This energy is very different than what many people carry today, being arrogant and believing they have it all figured out and don't need spiritual guidance. These beings will help break that illusion and offer a new way of helping one another.

To open your mind is to open your essence and allow your preconceived understandings to be challenged. Listen to the youth around you and when you feel triggered by what some of them have to say, let that be a moment to look at your own shadow. Look at what is shut down in you that you can't neutrally listen to a different perspective. This doesn't mean it has to be right or wrong, but it's where you can allow your reality to be shifted, even for a moment, that you can actually grow. You always have many lessons to learn, no matter how evolved, enlightened… you believe you are. There is always more of your energy to bring into awareness! The situations that thrust you into seeing where you need to grow is a blessing. Star being teachings are not straight forward, nor are they something you understand. How can higher consciousness, inter dimensional, extraterrestrial beings teach you if you believe you already know. That is a human ego trait that is best examined and dismantled. Watch if you swing to the other side of the spectrum of belittling yourself, becoming so insecure that you shut down. These are energies pushed by the matrix and they are the same. Find neutrality in yourself and listen with more than your ears. Be willing to be wrong and be willing to learn something new, even if you fail… it's a perfect time to try again from a different angle. Trust in your ability to change and evolve and energy will be able to assist you that much more. Get it wrong, try again, examine what dense energy is covering up a wound in you and be willing to move into it. Your guides will not abandon you on your quest and you are not alone as your journey continues on. With Love, Anais


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