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Galactic StarSeed Memories

Galactic StarSeed Memories

Galactic StarSeed Memories

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This self paced e-course was created to help those that feel like they are starseeds; those that are highly empathic and highly sensitive. Those that want to connect with their guides and awaken memories- memories that can help grow your remembering of who you are and why you are here incarnate now.  

You can move through the teachings at a rhythm that allows you to take in the energy and begin to implement the work on your own. You can take your time and rewatch, reconnect to parts of yourself that are waiting for you to remember them and grow from those parts.

This course offers 7 training videos, with a total of 45 minute in the series. Included are two visualizations and an extra meditation on grounding.


1 - An in depth introduction to this course and intentions. 7 min
2 - working with a journal. 7 min
3 - Connecting to Memories. 14:23 min

4 - Memories Visualization. 5:48 min

5 - What is Imagination. 9:38 min

6 - DreamTime. 7 min

7 - Circling together 7:44 min

Extra video- StarSeed Grounding

Galactic StarSeed Memories is $333

Please note, the series will be available in your account for 12 months

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