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Riding Dragons Frequency

Riding Dragons Frequency
A Cosmic Journey Out Of Time


As the energy of these times accelerates, the dragons are moving in closer to humanity again, bringing antidotes that will help quelch the pain of the intense fires. Some of the fires are necessary to burn down old systems and allow the ash to give birth to New Earth. We too are experiencing this burn and rebirth and dragons are ever present - riding the highest frequencies of Mother Earth.  

This gathering holds codes that require peeling away parts of yourself to expose memories that reside in your bones that are ready to awaken. These memories are akin to eggs (where much lives inside) and lie dormant on DNA strands, until sweet liquid coaxing and courting is offered by you. Like a golden treasure trove - Your purpose echoes through every fiber of your being and this energy dragons know. Your ancestors carried the same possibilities and the dragons know their essence too. 

Dragon medicine is powerful, sacred and deeply rooted in this planet - Mother Earth. Their willingness to work in a collective space is blessed and you must come with your heart open and your instincts on! These creatures can appear elemental as they connect to all the powers of nature, they move with a force that is only dragon. Their nature is firm and requires nothing more than what they are. This is part of what we can learn from them - how to be truly unabashedly instinctually Ourselves! To return to old ways of living and being so connected to the natural world that we again realize We are OF THE NATURAL WORLD! 


The work is our own to deprogram our consciousness and mind - to break free of the addiction to false machine generated matrix realities heavily being slammed on humanity. The collective consciousness calls for aid and this can only be sought and found out of linear time and space. We will turn to Mother Earth in our quest to hold balance and seek the riddles the dragons speak to open a helix of knowledge that itself is currently birthing new world eggs. Ripe with potential, they offer nothing more than everything.


We will come together and call upon energy bequeathed to humanity that will rise to meet us. As dragons ride the rings of this planet, we will work with all She offers. We will look to Nature and the medicine deep in the mountains and in the flora and fauna that aligns perfectly with humans. Your connection to trees and flowers wants to grow and as we caress the breath of dragons - seeds will sprout to reveal themselves uniquely to you. 

There is no simple way to speak of dragons as they communicate in mysterious ways and it is up to us to attempt to listen to what they show. Riddles and verbiage that stretches your thinking is what we look to as a means to surpass the conditioned mind and wade in the pools of eternity. 


This journey - this quest will work with the connections and meridians between your vessel, this planet and all that lives with Her, Dragons and an infinite creation energy. Most will be channeled and with that we will hold space together and await their magic. 

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“What I really loved about my Dragon’s Journey with Anais was her capacity to hold both earth and celestial frequencies, creating a sacred space for self-exploration and self-expression! Before each class I experienced very powerful energies attuning me to the core essence of a very pure dragon’s frequency that resides within myself. The entire journey riddled my mind; shifted the poles of my awareness and created a bridge to the next level of consciousness available to me. I am in deep reverence for crossing paths with Anais and for being welcomed into such a sacred space of communion with both ancestral medicine and cosmic frequencies”. 
-Dana Dumitrescu 

Investment and details

July 2024

7 weekly Gatherings, 2 hours each. Live Zoom

Recordings will be available 

Exchange $1500. Payment plans available

Date and time TBD

There is an application process

Riding Dragons Frequency

Riding Dragons Frequency

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"To speak of the Dragons one must settle into a space of Divine primordial fluid, from this beginning you may be granted access to ride the endless frequency of Earths vibratory rings. It's here that linear time dissolves and memories awaken with meteorites." 

— Anais 

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