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The Matrix and Isolation

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

As the climax of this mundane, matrix run reality is pushing forward with a vengeance we watch people allowing fear to heavily block them. We now come to a time where to not step up and share your gifts with the world means to support all that wants to dominate and destroy. Have you been isolating yourself? Spinning on repetitive thoughts, feeling stuck and engulfed in all that is wrong?! This energy is an injected program to do just that; keep people docile and feeling like they don't matter, so they don't rise up into a bigger, more spiritually evolved version of themselves. The crafty ways this poisonous subjugation enters each person is designed to find your pains, traumas and insecurities to enter. A mechanically designed entity that knows how to get in.

Awareness is Key to all change and you must be willing to really see what is happening and to not allow the energy to submerge you into its depths. If you are being targeted, attacked if you will, you have something that can help create change and these dark forces know that. All is NOT lost and people must realize that complacency is agreeance! You can do a lot and if everyone that is being called upon would answer and begin, the force would be momentous and we could all ride the energy. For as much density that is experienced here, there is also an eternal amount of guidance, love and healing available to those that go inward.

Find your courage and be willing to fight for your growth! Inside you is magic simply awaiting your entrance, it's all beneath the unconscious, unhealed energies you carry around. There is no way but IN! Many stories, even karmic experiences that are a part of you can be transformed and cleared, in all their complexities and oddities. Hope and perseverance are your left and right wing and when combined with your attention to all energies You, things happen! Stoke your internal fire and choose to not lay down in the face of such polluted energy. Find your people, find your spiritual kin and watch the energy of intense isolation… let it be a trigger to look deeper.

Remember that when you experience a block with in yourself, you have the ability to track the energy, layer by layer, until the truth is revealed. Seek help and guidance, for no one is meant to go it completely alone. We come from tribes that once lived as such; this is not gone for the memories live in your bones.



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