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Spiritual healing is one of the most important energies to take on during a lifetime. Deep trauma, open wounds, painful energy that lives in you, that is not worked, can manifest into a variety of mechanisms that draw dense energy into itself. Healing is messy and difficult and requires courage and tenacity to keep going into yourself to find originations and begin to clear and alchemize energy. The ego fights this and wants you to remain the same and you as spirit are here to evolve. When the brain is allowed to control you, it will also attempt to halt growth because healing means you change and the brain wants consistency and what it understands. You must begin to use the brain as a tool and release the control it has over you. This is moving into the mystery of life. I have come face to face with heavy traumas I endured this life time and I know that as a starseed my star family has helped me the whole time. Once I learned to work with my gifts in a real manner, I was able to begin to dissect out what was blocking me from the expansion my star family was attempting to activate in me. While I have always been a “seer” (able to see spirit and energy) I still had many layers of clearings to release on my third eye. Old stories, insecurities, abuse, ancestral trauma, karmic energy …. And with their help I was able to peel back these dense energies and align with the activations, which changes me deeply each time. Star Beings pulse with high high consciousness and to be able to connect to their teachings you have to be willing to look at your expansion and what energies are holding it back. This is part of digging into your healing work, for your story is unique and must be examined. If your mind is in control of you, over thinking, over analyzing… you don't have the framework open to blow your mind (so to speak). Your belief system must be challenged and your mind blown open to shift consciousness. This can appear too hard and for some impossible in thought, yet it is possible. And each small step, each small growth begins to create a new way of experience, thus opening your consciousness a little more. If you are full of pain, fear, trauma how can a new reality enter you? Where will the energy land? You will experience it through the lense of density and the alchemical process will be halted. When I channel star beings their teachings find a way to enter people and expand them just enough to open a small channel that can grow. My star family moves at a pace, a vibration that is very high so that you must expand to connect to what they have to share. It's really amazing really; growth in the growth. It is the energy of moving out of the mind controlling you, to you using your mind as a tool to open to your consciousness. I am witnessing this very thing in the starseed series I am currently teaching and it's a hopeful vision to see. People letting their minds get blown and with clear intention and purpose they are willing to dissect their blocks and indeed push forward their growth. The matrix feeds on ignorance, fear and Control, along with many other implemented structures and this work can and is releasing programs in people, thus shining light on possibility and change! When you can witness your own growth so profoundly, you can see where collective change is actually possible and that You can help be a part of the change. Star Being teachings are from big thought, from spiritual thought, from universal understandings that far exceed the basic mind. Learning to be embodied, literally your energy in your body, is a very important step in being able to expand your mind. Many people will be only partially in their bodies, I will see some energy pushing forward from their body, back and pieces in an altogether different reality (soul loss). Meditating, grounding and connecting to mother earth all get your energy moving and help you be embodied. It's from this place you can look at what pain, what unconscious energy is there and begin the shifting process. Everyone's process is different and in my classes and rituals I watch the energy of “together” hold everyone. The collective healing and bravery helps all to keep expanding. This is part of the medicine that star beings bring through, the collective, collaborative and yet singular awakenings that benefit all in a group and beyond. Learning to hold a lot of new, high intelligence takes a serious willingness to not know. You must want to learn and not just for the energy of “knowing”, it's about evolving and stretching your awareness. To be amongst energy that seems so unreal that it shorts your thoughts and brings in new dimensions… is where real learning, wisdom and remembering truth can come in. Extraterrestrial intelligence is way beyond simple human understanding and to begin the process of deprogramming from the matrix with their help is a process of unwinding, releasing, regrowing, trusting and beyond all believing in what you may not be able to understand or see. You must grow your extra sensory perceptions and that takes work.

We all have spiritual abilities and usually a person will have one or more heightened abilities than another. It's good to know what your natural gifts are and work with them in your process. Many people feel everything deeply, emotions, spirit… and this is a great energy to use as a springboard to taking you deeper into your own healing. Working your energy centers with your way of experiencing opens up a bigger picture of you and this is where you can move into a new layer of being. We are all here on Mother Earth now to help create change and open to new realities and ways of being. Star Beings come to aid and it takes you highly participating in your growth to receive the downloads and upgrades. It all matters and every step you take changes your foot print and can propel you in a different direction. And you want to explore different directions, different lines, different journeys and learn from them all. We never stop growing spiritually and when you can release into the unknowing, you are far more equipped to learn new tools and ways. The more spiritual tools you become accustomed to, the more you sink into what is your way. When star beings are involved you must exceed your thought limits and allow their healing to move through you. Again, this requires clearings that allow your beings to welcome in the energy. With Love, Anais


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