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The most unlikely encounter happened for me today, at of all the places, the gym where I work out. I am highly selective of the time and days I go to the gym, choosing times when the least amount of people will be there and I usually avoid the weekends. I don't linger or socialize in any way, I get in, do my thing and leave. There happens to be a salt water co-ed hot tub and I will soak if there is no one else there. Today was just such a day and as I was swirling in the hot salty waters, an older man came out of the sauna. I looked at him and immediately felt calm and noticed a curious nature to his energy. He came into the pool and settled in. Funny enough I was the one to initiate a conversation, which quickly went to how he was going to drive and visit Chaco Canyon, to which I replied, yes the Anasazi and star beings. He was well aware and I told him I work with Star Beings and I am a star seed and we talked on and on. Now this man is a regular type of guy, retired firefighter… and yet he did not flinch at what I said about star beings or any of the stories I shared with him. He was intrigued and shared some stories with me of his brother who lives in the desert and how he sees ships and more all the time. He spoke of how he saw the ships too and how unbelievable it was.

I felt extremely comfortable with this man, as we sat in a gym hot tub, sharing our seemingly different realities. Such a peculiar meeting and yet very orchestrated by my star family! As I drove away I found myself thinking of him and imagining him sleeping under the stars at the canyons he would be visiting. There was just something about him that I couldn't quite grasp. Then my star family began to tell me; as they do a lot when I am driving, where I enter an autopilot state of consciousness;I’m there driving my car and elsewhere with them as they guide me. They told me there have always been humans on earth that are in agreement to help protect them and the wisdom they bring. This notion was so beautifully amazing and poignant to me and I had to really allow the vision to overflow. They laughed at me, in the way they laugh, and said,

“Of course there are those that honor us and know many secrets and have vowed to keep them such. This man is a descendant of one of those humans and the energy buzzes all around him."

(They continued to share I picked up this buzz in him, like a radar sounding)

“This is a very specific echolocation ability we use, connected to our watery whale relatives and you are now activated -once again- to be able to find these guardians. Some of them will consciously help you and their allegiance will be to you and your mission.This is how we quickly find them and now you will begin to remember who our allies are there.”

I'm in awe of how golden some people can be; allies, guardians… what a powerful awareness to expand into! To me, this is sacred and I asked them before I began to write this down if they are sure they want me to share; to which they plainly replied “Yes”. And so I share, open hearted and finding myself excited and feeling supported by people I am yet to consciously encounter. The deep amnesia of birth into a new vessel is such an interesting ride, for the matrix picks up on little bits of what one forgets and implements the opposite energy against you. For me, the idea of learning to live without true support from people here, around my mission and attempting to not feel the sting of it was a projected lie. All the while, this truth was trying to awaken in me and now that is has I am changed, yet again!

I give thanks for this and waves of energy move through me. Tears fall for the delightful grief and I am ever in gratitude to these people who have and continue to be guardian to my star family and ancestors. Nothing is as it seems!



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