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Image by Graham Holtshausen

StarSeed Fractal Culmination

StarSeed Fractal Culmination
In Person Gathering


A Long awaited portal with magnetic poles has opened and my StarFamily calls for a community to gather in the flesh. We watch how those with cosmic DNA activate one another when stepping out of linear time and engaging higher consciousness. Opening these DNA particles is a phase of evolution many are ready to enter. Planet Earth is in a massive cycle of change and as dark energies push upon humanity, peoples extra sensory gifts are awakening and their awareness is growing. This is a culmination of energies that has great potential and its to the collective we aim the intentions. 

The great beauty in these times is the way in which peoples medicine and abilities are showing up; for these gifts have new formulations that can be applied in highly creative ways. Nothing short of the energy one receives from creation. You become the healing balm your very wound requires- complicated and sequential. A titration is required as you strip yourself down to elementals and engage your great blue print that echos through the universe with each new node awakening. There are infinite connections that sing a similar song as you open yourself to your vast truth. 


A common amnesia response for most starseeds is the deep desire to return “home” even without the memory of where home is. There is a vacant energy inside that knows this planet is somehow not home- it can be confusing and isolating energy. The elixir is to learn to fully be here on this beautiful watery emotional planet and live this human way And simultaneously excavate one’s density and re-member your true nature. Your experiences are real and the human mind will change a memory and box into a mundane experience. Together we will lift 3D falsities and attempt to open ourselves to the rivers of time and retrieve real multidimensional experiences. 

My elder starbeing counsel has granted technology for those that can hold such energy and it is with this we proceed to really dig in and clear dense energy as much as possible. This gathering holds tremendous potential and each of you will show up in your unique expensing energy and we will hope to begin from that raw place. We will hold one another in an elapsed out of time space and each of your medicine is needed. We look toward new earth and the positions required to assist in the times. 


We will gather for three days and two nights, where as previously shared, we will excavate our unconscious to retrieve not only memories but your available activations. Most of this will be channeled and we will attempt to rapidly find courage to open up and share our pains, our truths, our experiences all with the intention to collectively grow! 

Investment and details


There is an application process and this is a private event



There are angles of light that bend and refract when a human opens their consciousness to new wavelengths. 

These attune to all of humanity

and will be received as a consequence of proximity

— Anais 

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