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Image by Graham Holtshausen

Advanced StarSeed Collective

This is a collaborative space held by my Star Family for those that have gone through our StarSeed classes & are ready to come together and create a combined beacon to help the collective consciousness of this planet.

Through the process of StarSeed Activation and StarSeed Third Eye Awakening, you have cleared way to receive advanced teachings and you are ready to assist in the bigger picture of humanity and this planet with your unique abilities. The trainings made way for a clear path in you to Star Beings and we can now allow constellations to communicate and for you to continue to align to your mission and help grow higher consciousness.

This is a space of connections, where you now stand strong in your medicine and are ready to assist further. This will be a supportive collective of starseeds and those that have received teachings and wisdom from them, where you will continue to receive their channeled presence and you will use your energy and gifts to help the evolutionary process of this planet.

We will work to disassemble dark agendas with light, inter-dimensional portal travel and an unyielding willingness to proceed! We will begin with a 5 week gathering and than move into a monthly group collective. The flow will be channeled and the teachings, trainings and movement of your mission will rise to meet the expanded version of yourself that my star family and my elder starseed counsel sees. For its this You they have been communicating with; this You that they have been stretching you to evolve to! All the density you have moved through, the pain, the realizations, the resistance and courage you continue to muster and show up with- at times raw and hurting- this has to happen- to allow the seeds of the universe in you to open and have authentic expression.

We look to build a tribe, negating competition, jealousy and other dense human emotions. We look to create a liquid -light -fractal that holds creation and infinite growth available for you to receive and to share, collectively with the collective consciousness.

This advanced training requires the 5 week class and 6 month- monthly gathering commitment. The call is real and about stepping up into a place of conscious and collective willingness and Action taken by You, in this massive change! Its a Together movement laced in starry hope and determination- held and guided by Star Beings.

  • This is a private group for those who have gone through StarSeed Alignment Series

  • Total is $2311 for full 7.5 months - with a $150 non-refundable Deposit

  • Payments will be structured for 5 week class at $1111 with payment options & the ongoing 6 month collective is $200 each month

  • Classes will be recorded for sessions missed


Once you go through 5 week class, you can join new incoming groups during their 5 week class as a part of the collective. This not only gives you more space to ingest the teachings, Its also a place to hold space and cohesion for incoming people. There will be a few mentorship spaces that will arise during this training. Moving into different specialty break out groups- such as dream healers, collective holders…

Image by Alex

Starseed Collective Melding

5 Weeks, Live Virtual Zoom


StarSeed Collective Ongoing Gathering
6 Month Commitment

once a week, 2hrs

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