Star Being

Channeled reading  

A Star Being channeled reading is a Sacred Space where they can guide You on a soul level and help you Remember Who You are and why you came here

 As an awakened Sirian starseed, I have highly developed and attuned spiritual gifts which allow me to directly connect with my star family. The perspective they offer is of an extremely high consciousness and can shift your awareness to your bigger soul picture.

As a master seer, my vision and third eye are open and clear, giving space for the energy that you require to come through. During a session I watch the visions they send me in connection to your highest good and translate the story for you on many energetic layers. This in itself offers the possibility for you to delete timelines and move into the vast realm of spirit, where you are truly seen and assisted. 

We look to you as a soul and as your energy expresses we clear blocks, helping you move deeper into you. We will connect you with your guides that come to heal and shift your conscious awareness. The sacred space is protectively and energetically held and giving you the stripped down realm of truth. 

In response to the elaborately loud and dense energies happening currently

I am offering a 3 session healing bundle.

In each session, Star Beings will deeply address your energy and connection to your ancestors, your guides and your innate power. Most of the density of what holds you back would have you believe you are not enough and you do not have the power to change anything. These are all programs and once there is awareness, clearings can take place. As you expand your consciousness, you call back your power and wake up to deeper truths. This is a matter of healing. We offer this with love and the hope that those that require guidance can receive.   

Bundle is $480

Sessions must be used within 3 months. 

we meet via telephone

Session Cost $180/Hour

All sessions done via telephone

You will receive a downloadable audio copy of the session. 

Payment is due Prior to scheduled session.

Pay via Venmo or

PayPal link below, processing fee included


Its with great joy that I write this testimonial for Anais. Her private sessions prove over and over to offer some of the deepest healings and inspirations I have had the great privilege to receive. With clear sight she can quickly unravel and guide you into effectively clearing all the many layers of disturbance or pain. Anais is full of deep integrity, clear sight, compassion, strength and love.

 Megan Wirth. Doctoral Student of Classical Chinese Medicine, Portland OR

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Ongoing Spiritual mentorship 

We come to crossroads, thresholds in our lives and desire support as we continue on our paths. Ongoing spiritual mentoring offers such support!

Spiritual mentorship sessions where we delve into different energies that are underneath your outward life difficulties. The commitment to ongoing sessions creates a safe container where trust is formed and spirit is able to guide you on your path of healing. This ongoing work creates spiritual stability and becomes a sacred space to receive a spiritual perspective that is integrated into your daily life.  


  • Looking for ongoing support in their lives from spirit

  • Find themselves at a crossroad and are wanting guidance

  • Wrestling with depression, anxiety, fear...

  • Wanting to step into their healing work with the help of spirit

  • Feeling the desire to do ongoing healing work

  • Who have a practice already and are ready for their healing to continue




We will begin with a conversation; a consultation of sorts. You can speak to the direction you would like to go, where you feel your healing journey wants to go…and allow spirit to speak.


These sessions will be designed by you and me and the spirits will orchestrate. Each session will flow into the next, there will be continuing themes or going into deeper layers each time. We will move towards the unconscious mysteries hidden in you, inviting and allowing the beautiful spirit that you are to emerge more and more.

There may be personal practices or rituals prescribed between sessions and we will always leave space for you to share and ask questions. I will also be available via e-mail in the interim.

Sessions will be weekly unless otherwise discussed by us.


Payment Options: PayPal (Plus processing fee)

Payment due Prior to scheduled session

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Many of us forget we live upon mother earth and that she breaths, feels and that we do not own her. Many of us forget that when we have discord in our lives the reasons have spiritual significance and that is where I can help.  A land blessing is a ritual, which is never exactly the same, where I connect to all the varying spirits and energy of land to hear from them and understand where the possible disharmony is rooted and to see what is needed to help balance the energies. 

My spiritual gifts, which I came into this life with and continuously cultivate and grow, connect me profoundly with spirit, the other worlds and especially with nature and Mother Earth. My deep connection and relationship with nature is my nature. At the heart of who I am and how I engage my reality, I am one with the natural world. This allows the realms to be open to me, and I can freely communication with the unseen. My deep love, reverence, respect and commitment to my healing work on this planet is know in the other world and the reciprocity flows between us. I offer this work for the spirits to aid in healing the destruction humanity implements.     

There can be different reasons for disharmony on land and I have found in engaging the ritual of land blessings that there are a few main reasons for dissonance on land. The history of a place and events that occurred there can remain energetically causing a wide array of energies that are experienced. There may have been some disrespect to nature, the spirits that reside on the land and to mother earth herself. Many times the land has energy centers that may be too open which can be experienced as vortexes. 

The process of a land blessing begins with a conversation between you and I to hear the base story of whats happening. I then visit the land, walk through and do a divination with you and the land. What comes next is up to what the spirits have to say. I would return to perform the prescribed rituals needed. This can range from fairly simple to more elaborate given the situation. You may or may not be involved in the ritual process. 


Land Blessings are good for-

  • Those that can feel there is a problem on their land

  • Blessing land prior to new construction, building, purchasing or renting

  • Obvious problem with soil, flora and or fauna

  • Any other noted discrepancy

Cost for a land blessing is dependent on location, travel fees, involved rituals and actual time spent. Please contact me for further information. 


Like people, many things can leave a fingerprint in a place. These imprints can accumulate through memories, emotions and intense experiences. This can cause a space to feel stagnant, depressed and uneasy. At times apprehension and trepidation may dominate, which can stem from entities or ghosts inhabiting the area. The land a place is situated upon can also be affecting things. There may have been traumatic events that took place there and/or overall neglect.

In space clearing,  I address all of these layers. I work with different tools and methods to transform the energy of a space. This can have an uplifting effect. Allowing for more flow, more creativity, inspiration, a sense of peace and overall well-being. Within the process of space clearing, I also include blessings. These blessings are a form of praise that honor beauty and tranquility. If a client has a request of intention, I also include those in the blessing.

Space Clearing can be highly valuable for businesses, offices, real estate, or private homes.

 This is indicated when:

  • Major life changes

  • When there’s been illness in the space

  • When you’re intentionally calling in change

  • When you’ve been feeling blocked for a period of time

  • When there’s ongoing disruptions in the space

  • Buying a new home

  • Selling property- when a potential buyer comes into a space, it’s felt if it’s clear, positive energy

  • When you’re preparing to build

  • In therapeutic settings; doctor’s office, rehab center, places where people are in a heightened emotional state

  • When your business is moving into a new location

  • Starting a new business

The process of clearing begins with a phone consultation. I discuss the specifics of your home or business, how things are being affected. I then set up a time to go to the space. I pull from a wide range of tools and techniques that have come to prove reliable.

Every space clearing is customized to the needs of the client and the specific space.  While the cost ranges depending on several different variables the base is $2500. The variables include the actual size of the space, the depth of the situation and location. The travel costs will differ depending on location.

Please contact me to set up a free consultation and quote.