spiritual teacher/ clairvoyant healer

I am a bridge and voice of Spirit~ an ally in connecting you to the greater healing energies that are calling.

My sessions facilitate a conversation with spirit and reveal the spiritual nature and deeper causes of the challenges presenting themselves in your life. The key to understanding and navigating the times we live in, which can easily cause depression, anxiety, confusion, fear... are intrinsically connected to the spirit world. Spirit guides you to remember who you are, which is already in you! I am that tool to help you foster a relationship with spirit, to gain wisdom and understanding of yourself and to live the life you long for. 

I offer weekly spiritual coaching where you can delve into your own energy, your connection to spirit and into the layers of your life you are wanting to change. Clairvoyant readings for specific situations, I can assist you in personal rituals, space clearings and land blessings. It is an honor for me to share my gifts, help you heal and move closer to spirit.  

Love and Blessings 


Coco Vivo

Bringing to Life Songs of Your Lineage: An Ancestor Healing Training

DECEMBER 7-13, 2018

Isla de San Cristobal, Panama

With Anais Szabo and Liv Wheeler


Clairvoyant Reading

Looking for a sacred space where you can receive a spiritual perspective to situations in your life?

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spiritual coaching

Are you ready to embark on your spiritual healing journey guided by spirit?

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personal rituals

I will work with you on rituals that are specifically designed with your intention and the wisdom of spirit

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