Traveling Land to Travel Time, To Know Spirit

             Achaemenid Persian. 4-5th cantury BC

             Achaemenid Persian. 4-5th cantury BC

Time and spiritual travel have come to teach me there is no linear time, spirit is always and when I connect with them time disappears. I had to go through two of the most intense seizures of my life, travel to Burkina Faso to work with shamans to learn of the many genies I walk with. I share a piece of what I experience with them here.

Malidoma was the first person to see these genie beings with me. I had been studying with him for about a year when I was struck with two life threatening seizures. I have had a about ten grand mal seizures since age 18, all brought on by spirit, but the two that hit me then were moving me toward death.  Forced to recognize and work with them I began to build a conscious relationship. That started with building a house just for them. Not a small little space but a good sized ten foot long, six foot wide, seven foot tall house.  Next a big ritual was performed to activate the genie house and my work with them began.

 I have always been able to see spirit and when I began working with the genies all my gifts heightened. Within a couple months they were demanding a journey to Burkina Faso, Africa. I was lucky to travel with a friend who had already been a few times previous as well as with Malidoma. I was nervous traveling so soon after my recent seizures and had to work very hard to keep calm. The first night we arrived in the capital, Ouagadougou, I was walking into our hotel and I looked up to see a huge bat hanging from a tree. I stopped and we looked at one another and he flew very close to my head. His presence welcomed me to a new land. I instantly remembered part of a dream I had eight years earlier.

I am standing deep in a forest. It is warm and I am looking up at how tall the trees are. The trees are thick and they don’t have many branches. I notice there are huge, five foot tall, bats on the trunks of the trees. They are all just there and I begin to talk to them in a language I don’t understand as I am saying it. They all begin to open their eyes and look down at me. I start to smile and they all come down flying all around me. I feel full of their energy and it is potent. 

I have moments where things just seem to come together in an indescribable way and having that experience, with that bat, that first night in Africa, was one. Knowing there was an energetic connection from my dream time of so long ago to that moment caused a sense of my own prophetic abilities that span time. That dream was one I spent time with after having; some dreams are like that for me- just big. And this was all connected to my genies and to the very journey I was on in Burkina. And all the while, I was still consciously trying to understand and reckon with these spirits that were with me.

  Camazotz. Mayan Bat God

  Camazotz. Mayan Bat God

Jumping back to when I had those two massive seizures and I went to Malidoma for help, part of what he told me was that he had never seen a divination spread like mine, save for once. And that once, well the young man died at the hands of his genies. Intense to say the least, it’s a rare thing to have as many genies as I do and it was unknown how I would fare the whole thing (meaning my life). He also told me he was not my teacher, the spirits are.

Facing death is a moment, was a moment for me I had sat with just days before I was with Malidoma. I knew I was dying, I knew if something did not give immediately I was done, literally and I knew it was all spirit. I hated the idea and fought, I’m not even sure what I thought I was fighting, but damn, I fought. I wasn’t fighting death, I was fighting life. My life and what I knew I was here for, what I knew in some grand way, was to be my work here. And I succumbed to it all, the pain, the grief, the very presence of death herself. And I have reasons to live, I have two amazing children who I love more than, ha- life itself. Yet there I was sitting with the cold chill of death or possibly my own cold chill of giving in.

And well, things changed, I changed! I’m still here writing this- back to Africa!

There are many stories I could tell of visiting such a beautiful and wondrous place and all the adventures I had there but in relation to writing of genies, the most incredible thing I experienced there was how common talk of genie and Kontomble (see writing kontomble) is, at least in the villages. I expected the shamans to be extremely versed but I also experienced everyday folks held respect and reverence for genie and Kontomble. It was amazing how awake everyone was to spirit and energy there, extremely different than what I experience living in the US.  I left Africa knowing I had changed and not really knowing how. I was schooled in many ways by spirit on that trip, yet it was unclear how when I returned home. As the mysterious ways with spirit are, especially my genies.

                             Susan Seddon Boulet

                             Susan Seddon Boulet

I realize I have not really described the genies yet and there are reasons for that. The way I came to know of them is important, as you read, and they are not the most outwardly describable of beings. English being the tight non-descriptive language it is, does not help. I can speak to the genies that are with me and I have experienced genies that are with other people that are different than mine in some form or other.

They are wild, untamable, extremely powerful and very versed in magic. They appear as different animals blended together, some mythical in nature. They have an intelligence that can only be described as divine as they speak to me in story and mystery. They respond to poetic language and I do my best to always address them in that manner. They each seem to have a particular ability in a form of magic and they are all different. When I call to them they all come together and yet when they speak it’s as an individual and the energy is different with each. While other spirits come when I divine or do any spirit work for that matter, the genies are always there with me watching, commenting and guiding. They are always close to me.

My work and lessons with them is ever changing and always growing. They play with animals in this reality to talk to me at times; the most common is the raven. For the first two years after activating their house, every day when I went in there to pray or divine a raven would be in the redwood trees offering his deep throaty caw. I was amazed every time and always spent time acknowledging them.

Once I was walking out in the woods behind my home and a few ravens followed me the whole way. This is not uncommon but they were so active flying from tree to tree in front of me and watching me intently. Usually, after I greet them and give an offering they will calm but not this time.  I finally stopped in my tracks and asked them to show me what it was they were so eager to share. One of them flew right to me and cawed and I could see in his eyes a genie. That genie spoke to me through the raven, I can’t share of what, but I can say it was amazing to experience.

At this point I can’t say I even know all the genies that are with me. New medicine emerges and I follow it in the ways they direct. It is a blessing and a big responsibility I have with them and they keep me on my toes to say the least. I will continue to dance with the story that unfolds around me and offer myself in service to humanity always!