A space clearing story


           The moon is full and we step into a small home in Oakland California that was built in the 1930’s as one of several cabin style motel quarters. Remodeled and new the immediate feeling of the space is constricting and there is an air of apprehension.

            For the year the client has been renting the place she has had trouble sleeping, trouble keeping a roommate and she had several times seen a young boy standing at the foot of her bed upon awaking, only to watch him vanish. After a short walk through we begin our work.

            We were drawn to the kitchen and after performing a couple of rituals we moved toward the bedroom. The hallway leading to the back rooms felt stagnant and the more we tuned into the energy the more it began to heighten and grow. There was a strong sense of chaos and fear as we began a ritual in the bedroom. Once a layer of energy was shifted I immediately saw a boy under the bed, he was hiding, confused and very scared. I spoke to him and he responded in Dutch, which is a language I do not speak nor understand and in the energy I was able to. He came from under the bed and as we prayed and called to the spirits and his ancestors he told me he was afraid and he did not want to leave his mother. I began coaxing him toward his ancestors and still he spoke of his mother and how his feet were stuck to the floor. As I helped him with his feet his speech grew rapid and he said he could not leave with out her, that she had to come. At that point his mother’s very decrepit and decomposing ghost emerged from the floor. Amidst our prayers, smoke, offerings and rhythmic words their spirits found their way into the other world.

             I sat for a moment swimming in the energy pulsing in the room and waited as a settling flowed through and the whole room released an exhale, as did we. The room felt completely different and we were able to address the more subtle energies that required attention. The client had many Goddess idols about her room which were calling for a proper area and the rest consisted of old energies that were ready to be transformed.

            We were called outside and after making offerings to the land we put ash around the perimeter of her home. We placed a bowl of water at her front door to help keep a good flow of energy leading into the house. Once back inside, the front room also required a bowl of water and a small water fountain was suggested to the client. We left feeling good and feeling the energy of her home clear and pleasant.

            Is it such a radical notion to want to have peace in one’s home, to have a nest to return to at the end of a day once saturated with the drive and bustle of modern times? A home that feels safe and welcoming, a home filled with energy one invites, in hence, a home to retire to. Possibly for some this idea lands low on a list of what’s most important, but with a deeper look perhaps it’s exactly what one longs for.

Until the next saga…

~Anais Szabo