Animal Spirits

I give thanks to and honor all the spirits, the ancestors and to all the animals. Thank you for giving me a place I know, for guiding me, seeing me and trusting me with such magic. It is my hope people will awake and remember you and remember all you give us!

Entering this life my spiritual gifts were very much awake. I was able to see, hear and feel the Spirits. Life was complicated for me when I was very young as I had to learn to navigate this reality as well as many others with no human guidance. I was witness to complex situations which involved spirits that meant to do well and spirits that intended harm.

                       Susan Seddon

                      Susan Seddon

I struggled with understanding people and I always felt the most at home with animals; all the animals, any animals. Whether I was out in the woods playing with birds or horses or walking in the city meeting neighborhood cats, I could always count on them to be there for me; to find and comfort me. Their languages were clear, their wisdom strong and it was to them I held my deepest loyalties. At that time I didn’t know the difference between an animal spirit and one in body. As I got older, around age six, I began to know the difference.


I had a lioness that I was very close too and she moved only with energy. She was very protective and I always knew she was with me. I have a strong memory of her kind, sweet maternal love and of playing in her hair. It was golden and soft and she smelled of sunshine and heat. She would show me behaviors of animals which helped me understand my instincts. She took me to worlds were I thrived and it gave me the courage to return to my human reality. Her presence is royal and majestic and I still find immense comfort in her today. I have a very strong connection to big cats. They come with different teachings, in different forms, at different times. A lot of their medicine is brought through in dream time where they are specific in what show me and the dreams always spill into this reality. I can feel when they are close to my home and when I have been blessed to hear them in the night here, I know they come with a purpose. In my experience, they always come with a purpose. It is up to us to begin to remember how to hear.



I can see and hear animal spirits if I tune in and I they also give me visions. These visions are usually big and strong and I am offered powerful healings- in their very spirit way. I would like to share part of one such vision here I had in my twenties; with their consent of course.

I am standing at the foot of a huge gold pyramid and there is fire at the top. It’s unimaginably tall, taller than the sky and I begin to climb stairs up. A huge eagle (he stands maybe 10 feet tall) is waiting for me at the top. He is sitting at a table drinking tea. He tells me to sit and have tea while he has things he needs to tell me. I sit and sip the liquid and my belly begins to ache. He is talking and I can no longer understand his words as the ache becomes pain. He continues to talk and remains calm as I clutch my belly. All of a sudden three black crows burst from my belly carrying parts of my intestine and they are flying and stretching them. It is painful, extremely taught and I stare from the eagle to my open belly where my intestines are pulled by the flying crows overhead. He tells me to be calm and shows me myself stand next to me with huge thick open bleeding lion claw marks down my entire body. 

There was more, part of which was they put me back together, but that must remain private. When I came back from that experience I was a bit dazed and my belly was sore. I spoke with a healer I was working with and she told me about dismemberment. It has always been that way with spirit and I. I have an experience first, than I learn about it, than they tell me about it. I worked that vision for a long time and I hold it very sacred. A lot of healing was brought on from that time. I give thanks to eagle and crow. I have found animal spirits are connected to us to offer their unique medicine in relation to a part of us. For me, raven and hawk are a powerful example of this. Raven is a part of my connection to my genies and they will show up, at times aggressively to get my attention. Usually it is the genies working their magic with me. The hawk has always been present in my life in some form or another. I have never questioned my relationship to hawk and I learned later in my life that it is an ancestral connection.

Working with people and their animal spirit medicine is always an individual experience. Sometimes a spirit will show up to aid in a very specific situation or life event and they may ask for offerings or specific rituals to be made in their honor. Other times, it is more so the person has the medicine of the spirit animal already with them and it’s a matter of letting the spirit speak and helping the person remember.