Dream Work online video class

lose your eyes young one and recall the ways of old the ways yet to arrive see the cord
Move your hobbled tired frame and witness the dream – do I vision
The ones that have already been lived and yet wait to birth
Find the falling of her hair and climb up to see your feet swell with sky
He is telling you how
Can you no longer feel the tides?
Remember your place
It is real, we are here, wait who am I?

Dali-00144-Salvador_Dali_Leda Low Table.jpg

Dreams and dreaming. We move through our sometimes busy days and as father sun begins to set , our internal clocks speak to our bodies to grow tired and we sleep (give or take peoples curious schedules). Our bodies rest and yet we land in another tale another time out of time into mutable liquid realities. All people dream whether we remember or not; those experiences do happen. Modern times and even some sciences have trained us to “think” nothing of our dreams, maybe you’ve heard its just your mind replaying your day. Maybe so, but that has never been my personal experience, nor have I seen it with any of my clients. Expand deeper and we can see many of our dreams are astral projection.

Dream time offers a rich and potent opportunity for us to look into our own symbolic terrain; an opportunity for healing, for wetting our feet in our own unconscious, a chance to possibly align some important parts of our being. If we choose to really engage and consciously work with dream time the possibilities become as vast as the eternal blue sky!

I have designed this series with varying intentions and ideas coalescing into a river we can, as a group, sail upon. We will mingle the idea that we are the only ones who truly can interpret our own dream and we will share as a group and receive spiritual guidance. We will support one another through our processes in this reality as well as dream time. We will respectfully knock on the gate to the worlds we travel while we sleep and open ourselves to our secrets within.

This is the first in a continued series of dream work classes. Reading the glisten of the mountain is an introduction to the type of dream exploration I am offering. In this beginning series we will cover some basic techniques for dream work and begin to explore how we connect to the energies that arise as we begin to consciously open our connection to them. While we look at dreams we will also be engaging spirit and following the different paths they show. This is series is about being willing to be open, humble and allowing the dreams to guide. This work is healing and as all healing is, it can mean looking at the parts of ourselves we might want to see- hence, being open.

During this class you will receive

  •  Different tools on starting a dream practice
  •  Up to two videos pertinent to our work
  •  Access to a private class forum where we can connect outside of class time
  •  Ability to ask me questions privately via email between class time
  • Access to class recordings

This is a 7 week online video series meeting once a week for 2 hours. Time to TBD, likely on Sat or Sun. All videos will be recorded and shared confidentially with other students in the class for study purposes and for students who may have missed a class.

There will be "homework" in a fun way :) between meetings, there will be a small book list and some supplies needed to get on your part.

Start date October 2017... 

If you have questions please email me! Love and Blessings!