Ancestor Healing Ritual

If the hum can be heard who stands to answer? If tears fall and brush your heart with cords of longing- how do you respond? If we know that our participation can help those who walked before us and those who will walk after us- how than do we not. Some realities can mask the pain we know the ghosts about us feel causing us to move blindly and yet still- somewhere deep in our roots the memory of the necessity of joining together to grieve the loss of those we love, to create a sea that will carry them to their ancestors is alive and speaks. If we are but a pebble among a vast timeless eternity and we carry love and stand for change we must partake in crafting a ripple loud enough to be felt in the other world. Strong enough to encourage those that are lost to find their way home- to become Ancestors! It is up to us all.

The Ancestor healing ritual is a process of helping our family members that have passed and may be lingering in between realms to transition to the other side and find healing. The energy required to help those that have died cross over has traditionally been generated through ritual and ceremony. Ancestor rituals of different types, are present in cultures all over the world. Some practices are still intact in various traditions. Many have been forgotten over time. This has resulted in a disconnection from the ancestors and from feeling their support in our lives.     

This can be a very transformation ritual, not only for your ancestors but also for you in your daily life. It’s said that we feel what our ancestors feel. If they’re in a place of confusion, feeling lost or stuck it can directly affect your life. The positive aspect being that you might feel more clarity about your life, clear about your direction and more uplifted in general. You will than have ancestors you can call on for assistance. This ritual is very helpful for bringing awareness and healing to family patterns you may have inherited and are not wanting to repeat. 

This ritual was introduced into this culture through Malidoma Some and is especially important as we have  gone generations, typically, without any sort of ceremony or ritual to help our loved ones make the transition completely from this world to the other side.

This is a 3 day ritual, Friday through Sunday.  There will be an all night vigil the first night, around the fire, to support the ancestors’ transition.  We will be moving through the weekend as community, supporting each other and supporting our ancestors as community..

This ritual will take place summer of 2017. If you already feel called the journey has likely begun. Please email to reserve a space.