Ancestor Healing Ritual

If the hum can be heard who stands to answer? If tears fall and brush your heart with cords of longing- how do you respond? If we know that our participation can help those who walked before us and those who will walk after us- how then do we not. Some realities can mask the pain we know the ghosts about us feel, causing us to move blindly and yet still- somewhere deep in our roots the memory of the necessity of joining together to grieve the loss of those we love, to create a sea that will carry them to their ancestors is alive and speaks. If we are but a pebble among a vast timeless eternity and we carry love and stand for change we must partake in crafting a ripple loud enough to be felt in the other world. Strong enough to encourage those that are lost to find their way home- to become Ancestors! It is up to us all.

The Ancestor Healing Ritual is one where we come together as community to collectively Remember our people, to honor and help our family members that have since left this reality. We pray to grieve enough that we can Together generate energy to guide some of them home.  We feel them, we feel what they feel and if they are not well- stuck between worlds- we feel that and our lives are affected. We carry their blessings, we carry their sacrifices, we carry their pain and if they are ghosts we carry Them- literally. 

Modern times have lead most of us away from properly grieving our dead. Wars, mass killings… left many many many of our kins spirits not grieved for and thus they linger. We all come from cultures that once had grand ceremonies, grand rituals for when someone died. We all come from cultures that once understood it’s the responsibility of the family, the tribe, the village to help in the process of moving spirits along. Behind your pain, shame, repressed willingness to go deep into Who You Come From -you know this to be true. And we can begin to engage in our own process enough to choose to participate in helping our ancestors. Without them we would not be…

 I was blessed to receive this ritual from Malidoma Some. He adapted it from his peoples elaborate funeral rites for folks in the West. Its here we create a space where your ancestors can feel held by you, where you honor who you come from. See we all have eclectic, different ancestral lineages and this is a place to allow and love all of the parts of yourself, as you are connected to all of them. A place to honor your lineages, to honor the people who toiled, grieved and whose blood flows through you now. To give back to them through ritual with the understanding that this helps them, you and those yet to come.

This is a 3 day ritual where the first night we hold a vigil, sun down to sun up- grieving, praying, holding energy for the ancestors to transition. It is where we hold powerful space all night with the deep hope some will see the flames and move toward their forbearers. There is preliminary work to do, so if you are feeling the call to this- make hast and commit. This is done in community, it can not be done alone… They wait for you to help them.

This ritual will be at Ravens Landing in Clearlake Oaks,

 Friday June 8, start by 4pm- Sun June 10, end 11 am.

The cost of the ritual is $448, this includes camping fee. There is a non-refundable deposit of  $188. We will be on land and it’s up to you to bring camping gear and food. There is an outdoor cob kitchen and grill for our use.

Registration is open now and will close once full.

RAVENS LANDING ~ Clearlake, Ca