Golden Starry Temple - Protection Series


Our world is multifaceted, multidimensional, multi species- non-human species- those seen and unseen. We walk in the matrix and deep inside we all yearn to be free, to know the truth and see past the illusion. These days are filled with secret dark forces that seem to be stepping out of the shadow more and more- sneering and rearing their venom. Most can feel them... even if it registers as something else.

Keeping ourselves protected, as best we can, can only help. Learning new creative ways, seeped in ancient wisdom, is a way to start from this very broken place we are in. The vast majority of people can now relate to how disturbed our times are. I believe this energy is one to ride. Even if being aware and awake to energy causes fear -we Must be brave enough to go into it- to swirl around with sweet fragrances -to keep them off our heels. To find tools, to unravel insidious plans and peer into the beast's lair -read the writing and quietly slip away. Thus armed with knowledge, we can concoct possible salve’s to wear as armor -as we move forward -open hearted prepared to battle.

This 2 phase class and gathering is for those that are ready to peel back layers, to Open their 3rd Eye and rattle their cages of conditioning and implants. This is where we Must be brave -Be Open and Willing to be shook. And at the same time Bless- Be Love and listen to Guidance. To move forward - More Aware. Spirit has given me visions to follow piece by piece and armed with these florid visions we may move toward the Starry Golden Temple, where Spirit moves freely -where the portal is open to Divinity and constellations. Where we can gather securely, nestled in golden laced energy, welcoming our own connection to Source -to fill us.



7 session gathering via zoom online video conference. Beginning May 17, 2018 with each class lasting 2 hours. Day and time TBD  

- Energies we will move into -

* Mystery of the Golden Starry Temple spirit has shown me

*Connecting with guides for protection

*Channeling Divine energy

* Different dark energies that eat, bind, attach, infiltrate, disturb, block…. Us

* Connect to Divinity, to Goddess energy, to the sacred chalice filled with Life

* Group divination

* To learn to have thicker skin, to armor up in a new way to better serve

* How to Trust a feeling, A call and devote yourself to it

We will also be working with the energy of talismans throughout the class and we will end with a group divination where each participant will receive some instructions on what to bring to Phase II where we will create talismans collectively.

If this all feels allusive I have done so with intention! We will step close to the Golden Starry Temple and see if we have the code to enter. We will be armed with Sacred sequences, Blessings of bees and beauty in abundance!

When committing to phase I & II the cost is $1911.00 - phase II includes accommodations and healthy organic food for 3 days and 2 nights.

Separately- phase I is 811.00 & phase II 1300.00 - totaling 2111.00

Phase I alone 811.00

There is a set of questions that come with applying for this class as Spirit has an energy that needs to coalesce to work. Please contact me for to receive your application.


GOLDEN STARRY TEMPLE - Protection Ritual Gathering

The Ritual Gathering of Golden Starry Temple is a 3 day 2 night gathering. Here we will Be together, sit together, make ritual together, create talismans and look even deeper into the belly of the beast. We will see our medicine- our purpose, support one another and move forward with change! We will go even deeper into why we gather as community, release -remove and burn old energies that may be blocking us and look closely at energies/entities that we carry… that have a purpose of destruction. All to grow stronger, more keen in perception, to help create change, to move with force Together, to plant seeds for a future we can agree to, not one forced upon us.

We will gather August 30 - Sep 2, 2018


- Energies we will enter -

* Deep Ritual

* Creation of personal talisman

* Feeding Spirit and Golden Starry Temple

* Group divination

* Clearing entrances for unwanted energies…

* Connecting with Nature for personal Healing

* Looking at what we need to protect ourselves from and how to ARMOR up!

The cost for this ritual is $1300, food and accommodations are included

We will be meeting at Buckhorn Springs in Ashland, Oregon. This historical, family-owned mineral springs retreat center is a special place for gathering and finding solace in the natural world.  Dedicated to holistic living, eating, and sharing - we will be amongst nature and find our community and flow as the waters flow. Accommodations and food are included in the total price and we will surround ourselves with Love, support and look to each other as family.

The closest airport is Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon. 



Ancestor Healing Ritual

The Ancestor healing ritual is a process of helping our family members that have passed and may be lingering in between realms to transition to the other side and find healing. The energy required to help those that have died cross over has traditionally been generated through ritual and ceremony. 

Your Purpose - Medicine, Energy Awareness and Healing Class

I am excited to share that a new group is forming September 2018, for -Your Purpose | Medicine class. Spirit is quite persistent on this and I watch them speak to most people about their personal medicine and sharing it in the world. If you are reading this it is likely they have spoke to you…

They also are adamant that the time is NOW! With no exception, which means for me constant, and I mean constant lol, reminders, downloads, synchronicities, visions, dreams….. You name it… on how I am to help and what I must do.

This class is a intro into what it is you are already remembering about your medicine and a space to begin to develop it. I teach in a loose format inviting and allowing spirit to always be with us and it works best in a flowing energy. They have given me energies to go into and if you have worked with me in any capacity - the energy has its own flow. I don’t heavily plan - I just show up and let them guide. All that to say they have a plan- I humbly allow. Are you feeling the energy? I am writing this to you -as they have specifically shown me you and requested your presence.

All of you are healers in your own unique way and it’s time for you to go deeper into what that energy is, what it means and how to use it! This class is but a step in with more to follow and it is important to start Now to start somewhere. To jump in here to begin what is already in motion… There isn’t really a place to start- there is an energy to enter, an energy to pray to and move into with awareness and intention! Are you following the energy? ;)  Spirit is not straightforward, they do not do linear time as it is not real. You are real and Your medicine is REAL! That is the energy we will ride.


Okay, they are already working… The details-


*This is a 7 week online video class
*The class will begin end of September 2018
*The cost is $799.00, with non refundable deposit of $250
* We will meet via zoom, an online interactive video conference

* Between classes we will have a private facebook group where we can communicate, share dreams, share experiences, ask questions... And all previous classes will be available on a private class page here if you miss one or want to go back and re-watch. 


Energies we will go into -


*Prayer, altar space and offerings

*Energy Awareness- Grounding, connecting to mother earth, connecting to cosmic/ universal energy. All with the intention to keep your energy moving and protected.

*You will connect to a spirit guide/ animal and work with them throughout the class and…

* We will look at, explore … Your Purpose. Your medicine and how it wants to manifest. This will be a large focus and we will look at this together.

* And laced through it all we will work spiritual protection and go into talismans. 

And as always leaving space for spirit to bend, shift, change direction….. You know… 


You will need to bring- open heart, courage, love … and a rattle, bell, drum…. I will talk more about it first class. Spirit loves music and sound -this is how we pray.

"In these modern times, there is so much adversity that we each must deal with. Often we are unaware of our Purpose, or if you're like me, have put it on the "back burner. The Purpose Class with Anais Szabo has been such an strong, beautiful, & empowering journey. And the other members of the group were so wonderful! It's really helped me step forward more, consciously & intentionally into my Mission, & Anais is an amazing facilitator; with deep insights, a humble heart, & a fierce commitment to truth. 
During our classes together, she is in constant communication with Spirit, in a very embodied & grounded way, & expertly guides her students to do this as well. I highly recommend her, & this class! "          -Michael Jaguar


"From taking Anais's class on Purpose, I’ve learned many Beautiful things. One of which, is the Magic that happens when Beautiful Souls gather together for- a Purpose. I’ve learned holding Sacred Space is a Blessing that I now hold dear to my heart. This class helped me grow, by sharing with others. Trusting the process, by just showing up. I will continue on this Sacred Journey with others- as I witness healing, community and Trust! Little by little I’m finding my Purpose."          -Susan Baca