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Anais Szabo

StarSeed & spiritual teacher

Love and Blessings! This is a place for starseeds, empaths, those here to create change and awaken! We need you and I can help you activate. You are likely being called upon by spirit as the times are louder than ever and we must take action. My Sirain star family is persistent in the messages they share and frequencies are shifting. The energy is of higher consciousness and with new realities birthing, you may deeply feel the call of your own soul beckoning to grow. I weave earth based shamanism with Star Beings medicine. We welcome you and you can find a community with us.


Energy Updates

First near death experience & Star Beings


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Mid January 2020

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Special Offering

3 Session Healing Bundle

In response to the elaborately loud and dense energies happening currently, I am offering a 3 session healing bundle. In each session Star Beings will deeply address your energy and connection to your ancestors, your guides and your innate power. My star family will bring forth their wisdom and guidance as I channel them. Most of the density of what holds you back would have you believe you are not enough and you do not have the power to change anything. These are all programs and once there is awareness, clearings can take place. As you expand your consciousness, you call back your power and wake up to deeper truths. This is a matter of healing. We offer this with love and the hope that those that require guidance can receive.


Kind Praise for Anais

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“Anais’s healing abilities have expanded my knowledge of self and where I come from. She picks up on everything and helped me clear traumas I never spoke about. She’s so nurturing and accepting with her one love collective energy and she can shift your perspective and reality. She’s allowed me to see a better version of life’s past repeated cycles, with both private sessions and her classes. Funny, witty, and beyond intelligent she’s truly changing lives and staying present to help us shift our energy. She’s a gift and an amazing teacher.”

- Patricia Torres, Bilingual claims adjuster, Denver Colorado

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