Anais is the real deal and very authentic in her teachings and healing’s. I’ve experience her guidance for almost 10years now and her classes in the last 2 years. Many of Anais’s classes draw people from around the globe. I’ve met some true friends being in these classes and we create a community for one another beyond the duration of the the class. We have ventured dimensions together, expanded, healed and connected more deeply with our third eye….and group meditations bring us traveling to retrieve parts of our souls and learn about and connect more deeply or with guides and ancestors. I feel so grateful to have these skills and friends to connect with long after class.

-Klara Hagymassy. Stylist, astrologer. Minneapolis, MN

“Anais continually brings new awareness into my life which has allowed me greater levels of expansion. I’m truly thankful for her loving guidance and support.  I’m able to navigate my own heroic human journey with more ease and grace with her as my teacher.”

-Andrea Hagewood. Nashville, TN 


“Transformative, re birthing, and full of love! A dream come true to be in the same space with such strong souls willing to show up and do the work. To future students, get in these classes! You'll never be the same and that's the point.” 

James Joyner, Atlanta, Georgia

“Anais’s healing abilities have expanded my knowledge of myself and where I come from. She was able to pick up on traumas I genuinely felt blocked and never spoke about. Shes so nurturing and accepting with her one love collective energy it’s obvious in the way she picks up on everything and how to help you shift your own perspective and reality. Having a kind open soul like her help with both one on one sessions and her classes . She’s allowed me to see a better version of life’s past repeated cycles that is created by consciousness and daily practices that bring us back home. Funny, witty, and beyond intelligent she’s truly changing lives and staying present to help us shift our energy. She’s a gift and an amazing teacher.”

-Patricia Torres. Denver, Colorado


“Working with Anais has brought me deep healing beyond anything I was expecting. She opened me to relationship with my spirit allies, my ancestors, and ultimately healed deep embedded, painful patterns in my life. After our first session, where I received a much needed healing, my life began to unfold and shift in so many ways. The months that followed that first session led to many changes. So many, in fact, that I can't recount them all here. From that first session, it feels as though I am not living the same life. One change led to another and another and another and suddenly, there has been profound shift in my life. This shift has ushered in great healing, confidence, and brought alignment into knowing who I am. I believe this was possible because Anais is deeply living her medicine and also, because I trusted her and took action with all that she recommended. I am still living out the changes from these sessions. Do not underestimate what can come from a pebble hitting the water. These ripples are continuing to spread in my life.”

~Erica Thibodeaux, augustintegrativetherapy.com


“I have attended two classes with Anais this year. First, it was a Purpose class and then a two-part class about Spiritual Protection. Both classes have exceeded my rather high expectations. Anais has a fantastic way of creating a safe environment and holding space for everyone in the classes. It’s been fun and very interesting to attend the video calls and on the rare occasions that I have had to miss a meeting, I have felt really sad about it. 

I have learned so much about Spirit and myself from the classes. I’m struggling to find words to explain how I have changed thanks to Anais and the other participants in the classes. Not only am I becoming more true to myself but I have also made friends for life. The second part of the protection class was a gathering in Buckhorn Springs, Oregon. The video classes have been a wonderful blessing, but seeing Anais and my other friends in real life truly added to the experience! We made ritual, talked about everything, created medicine pouches, walked in nature and truly got to know each other. We laughed and we cried together. 

I live in Sweden, so coming to the American West Coast for the gathering was quite a long way to travel. It was definitely worth it, though, and I will do it again sometime if the opportunity comes. My spiritual journey has just begun and I still have so much to learn and experience! Anais is a great teacher and a wonderful friend. I consider myself so lucky to know her and have the chance to be guided by her.”

~ Daniel Franzen, Sweden


"Anais' unworldly insight into the realm of Spirit and ancestors has been like a tectonic shift not only towards the process in healing, but also in articulating my own insight and sense of spiritual autonomy that is already within. My sessions with Anais have allowed the debris of trauma to slowly fall and make a clearing to see an unimaginable and entirely new vision of myself. She has re-initiated a genuine relationship with my sense of self, one that is empowered and generous and rekindles a wisdom that is ancient and vast. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and knowledge. It truly has been a blessing to receive her wisdom and insight." 

~Eunjoo Shee. Graduate student. California


"My session with Anais was comforting. She put into words the feelings I always felt were true about myself  but it wasn't until after our session that I found words to describe the feelings. After our session I felt more grounded in my body and gained more knowledge about where to go with my goals for the future. Anais was very kind and guided me through the process very well. The knowledge I gained rang very true. Anais was great!"

~Liz Paul. Care Giver. California

"My most recent session with Anais was recorded and has been incredible to revisit. I've received many sessions from Anais over the years, and have always felt a strong sense of purpose and connection actively working in my life after each session. Having it recorded has revealed just how multi-dimensional, authentic, and alive these sessions are! It's like having a transmission from spirit that is at work in the present. Synchronistic at times and powerfully revealing the next step. Revisiting our session after weeks have past, I've found that the message is timeless, actively working, and breathing with life. More questions have come up later for me and guided me back to the recording. I discovered that embedded within it, are all the answers. 

If you've taken the time to read all of this perhaps you have been called to do a session with Anais. How will you answer to that call? We all have a choice in answering...but that doesn't stop the call. What is calling to you? For me its a pull towards something that needs connection and love within my life. How is your story being written? Not sure? Perhaps Anais can provide a window to see. A session with Anais, may just prove to be an incredible gift. I share all of this with you because, it's been such a gift in my life." 

~Kathyrn S. Corporate management. Oregon 


"I want to share the last session my daughter and I had with Anais. My youngest daughter Aydan , 7 years old, had ran into my bedroom one evening complaining of hearing voices. I've always known that she's very sensitive and spiritual, but this night stood out like no other. She told me that she was hearing voices, which she has said many of times, but this time was different. She said it was dark, and she was afraid..I quickly held her and thought of my next move. I reached out to Anais the following morning, where she validated my daughters fears... The next day we had a session. Needless to say, Aydan loved and Loves Anais. Being that Aydan is only 7, Anais walked her through what would be happening and Aydan dove right in. It was awesome to say the least! After the session, Anais told Aydan what she needed to do to keep those "monsters" away... and I must say, She meditates every night before bed and she hasn't heard those voices since! My session was awesome as well, the spiritual healing is always right on...the energy I feel when I'm done is like no other... and she's always on point. We will most definitely have another session soon!"

~Christina Graham. Stay home mom. California


"Anais is one of the most gifted healers I have ever encountered. It's hard to believe that in this human experience someone has such extraordinary gifts. She has the ability to see into worlds we can't even imagine. She has been an amazing help and guide in my life. She is an absolute gem!"

~April Cooper. Writer. California 


“Anais has been key in my navigation of difficult situations over the last five years. She has called in support, guidance and wisdom from the other worlds in critical moments that have helped me to move beyond potentially life threatening situations. I have the utmost respect and trust in her work and her integrity. She uses her incredible gifts to help people in deep ways that can completely transform their lives. She can connect easily to animal, spirit and ancestral allies and can help align them into a powerful force of guidance and support. I have watched her continue to grow and step deeper into her commitment to spirit and to her role as a valuable ally and guide for all those she works with. I can whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking guidance and support in their lives and their spiritual path.”

~Coby Leibman, Chef, California. www.cobyleibman.com


“So much of what I would express about Anais is beyond words. What first drew me to her was a fresh honesty without brutality. She embodies a playful exuberance and true beauty.  I have always admired her bravery through this life and a genuine thirst to learn. Her knowledge is sourced from the universe in all of the ways it reaches out to us.  I befriended a dear soul who is a seeker of truth as I am. The classes, rituals, healing sessions both remote and in person are always profound and I learn and open up more each time. She has helped me anchor an unmovable faith in the divine and what power setting an intention really means.Time spent with her is a gift and what she has to offer is a true blessing.”

~Aaron Brown, Distribution manager, Maine. +Aaron Wesley Brown


“My session with Anais was revealing.  It was emotional in a powerful way, showing me insight into both myself and the spirit realm.  She connected me with my star family, and helped me to see more deeply into a relationship I always knew was there but never fully understood.” 

~Mike Dickenson. Filmmaker/Writer. Washington. www.themapmakers.org


“The service that Anais Szabo provided for me was beyond words. My greatest challenges and gifts were brought to the surface under Anais’ intuitive eye. She not only saw clearly where the barriers in my life were that keeping me from realizing my full potential, but she helped me to cross thresholds from a distressed and frightened way of understanding the world to an empowered and at ease sense of being in the world.

I feel deeply to this day, that the work that Anais does helps us reinvigorate our purpose for being here. She reconnected me to the spirit of my ancestors who bring me hope, love and healing, and blessed me by channeling the guidance of a special ancestor of mine who I had long forgotten about. And perhaps the greatest thing her abilities touched in me was a strength of knowing that I am not only just me, for there is so much more to my life, my family, and my community that Anais’ intuitive eyes can see.”