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Image by Graham Holtshausen

Starseed Activation


StarSeed Activation
opening your missions BluePrint
7 week Live zoom 

As this reality is undergoing massive shifting and change - Many are awakening and remembering their spiritual essence and the fact that they are here to assist in these times. Those with the memory of originating from other planets and dimensions are especially being called by their very purpose and mission. 

This call may be clear and precise or it may be vague and feel distant from your consciousness. The response is what matters and how you choose to move with any expansion of your awareness is the very energy that will thrust you forward toward your medicine and how to grow it here. We have designed this training to assist in your deeper awakening and to move you close to your unique and ever changing cosmic blueprint which contains your mission as a StarSeed and which sings to you through space and time. Expansion of the highest degrees from Star Beings requires you to create space for the process. This means being rewired, unprogrammed and uploaded with electric vibrations that your consciousness magnetizes to... your unique resonance.

As a starseed there are seeds in you- mini constellations, that wait for just the right substrate to activate! The ability to create this perfect cosmic elixir comes when you have awoken to a layer of yourself and your mission - thus the base is created- thus allowing star beings to access you with the electrical pulse that sparks such activation. ReMembering the deep mystical energy that is True reality needs your bonds broken deep enough to pull you through.

My Sirian star family has sent me downloads that will help accelerate an alchemical process that will welcome such pulses in you.


Utilizing energy centers, lightening and detoxing - star veins will align in you and transformation will happen.

In this training we will explore and go beyond your conscious perception of reality, to delve into your personal energy systems. Energy centers contain universes and a wealth of information for you to swim amongst, thus bringing wounds, traumas and blocks to the surface, where they have the potential to be alchemized. In this class we will look at your personal constitution and engage each energy center visually and personally. You are unique and your soul lessons are personal and catered exactly to you. It is from this understanding that we will open the energy of each energy center and allow them to guide you.

These are experiential classes and you will be guided inward through visualizations and my keen ability to hold energy and see what is moving for each person. There will be a lot of feedback and help from my star family. This is where you can go deeply into your own energy, while in community. Together we generate big energy and it’s in this place we can go much further into ourselves and as you share your experience it helps the group go that much deeper. It’s a magical and beautiful process. We can act as mirrors for each other; many times people will have matching “pictures” and as the energy is worked individually the healing ripples through the collective.  

In StarSeed Activation we will dive into the energy of sky people and welcome their activations. We will teach and expand your extra senses so you can receive energy in multiple manners; Points of origin. There will be focus on deeply working implants and teasing up dense energy, giving you the space to release. Thus- Creating new space for you to expand into. We will open your cosmic blueprint and you will connect with your mission.


StarSeed Activation is a 7 week live zoom gathering

The investment is $1500 with a $200 non-refundable deposit

Payment plans are available

There are limited spaces and an application process.

Image by Alexander Andrews


7 WEEK Live Virtual Class

once a week, 2hrs

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