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Small Group Mentorship


Small Group Mentorship 
3 months - 2 Sessions a month
E-mail to apply


The small group mentorship journey was created to offer a highly personalized, deeply healing space, to open and develop your spiritual gifts with a small group and to help set them into motion. We will tap into your ancestral wisdom, expand your chakras, open your cosmic channels, be present for dreamtime and utilize the energy coming through. We will grow your relationship with your guides, help you strengthen your abilities to offer community, work with personal rituals and attune you to your next layers of consciousness. You will hold space for the group and share and practice your spiritual abilities. There will be an open dialogue with my Star Family for growth, healing and guidance.

My Star Family has opened a portal to help accelerate an alchemical process in you that will expand your abilities and accelerate your healing.

This exclusive work will be molded to your energy within the group and where you are at as a being on this life journey. The multitude of layers of your expansion will be stretched to examine where there are dense blocks and we will bring in energetic elixirs to assist in your healing and growth. 

This will call toYou if 


~ You are ready for deep healing and higher levels of activation

~ You are seeking a sacred space of guidance 

~ You desire the alchemy of inner work held by StarBeings 

~ You are seeking support with your next layers of evolution

~ You are ready to explore sharing your medicine with the world more


Your Blue Print Opens

The energies we will tap into will speak to us and inform the way we work with you. Your soul blue print, which moves with the universe will be activated along nodes and as new nodes awaken they communicate with one another- thus growing you as a being!

~ Ancestral energy will be woven through your mentorship- for to know yourself is to know who you come from. Trauma and wisdom are inherited energies and we will work with alchemy and love to shift and open.

~Your chakras, energy centers, will be explored with keen attention to healing, clearing and alignment. Karmic blocks and clearings will move with ancestral energy.

~We will work with your cosmic channels, opening your strongest spiritual gift further and using this sensitivity to align to other gifts. My star family will be ever present and a-tune your DNA to a higher potential.

~Your dreamtime will hold value on this journey and will be honored.


~ There will be specific rituals for you to engage


Investment & Details

Committing to your ever changing spiritual journey is a place of embracing the mystery and moving with consciousness and awareness. This mentorship will offer a container for you to be held, as you embrace your sacred work, your healing and dive into your path with gentle tenacity. 

Magical Landscapes

The small group Mentorship is 3 months

We will meet via zoom 2 times a month for 2 hours

Unlimited chat available the duration of mentorship

You will receive recordings of each session

Access to 2 e-courses; Cosmic Dreamtime & Galactic StarSeed

Total cost for mentorship is $2500

Monthly payment plan available

Image by Alexander Andrews

Private Channeled Session

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