Audio Meditation - Foundational Series

Audio Meditation - Foundational Series


The Foundational Series is an introduction to working with energy and building your own daily practice. This is a foundation for an energetic self-care regimine! Broken down into 9 different recordings - 5 talks and 4 guided visualizations, this series is intended to give you what you need for learning how to ground, clear your energy and begin to work with energetic boundaries i.e. protection. Spiritual self care is wildly important in these excessively fast paced modern times and these recordings offer energetic tools to help you stay embodied.

Listen to the recordings independently or as a series.

Total Runtime of Audio Recordings: Approx. 1 hour

#1 Foundational Series Intro

#2 Clearing Energy Intro

#3 Clearing Energy Meditations Practice

#4 Anxiety Intro Talk

#5 Running Energy Practice

#6 Adding Chakras Intro Talk

#7 Running Chakras Meditation Practice

#8 Protection Intro Talk

#9 Protection Meditation Practice

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