Clairvoyant Reading 

A clairvoyant reading is a one time look at a current situation and the understanding of the healing that is needed. 

In this space I open the connection to spirit and guide you through how they are responding to your energy and the intention you brought for the reading. They will address specific concerns you have, offer a spiritual assessment, look at your big life picture, your purpose and how you can get more in touch with who you are. You will learn how energetic clearings can speed the process as well. 

My spiritual gifts allow me to see spirit and the story shown as the session is happening. My ability to communicate with them clearly is highly tuned and I can navigate and translate for the spirits actively. The benefit is my ability to connect you to the spirits that are with you and gain a new relationship that will continue to help guide you in your future.  

Opening to spirit and the layers of energy they work through not only brings healing and awareness to you, it can also help the spirits and mother earth. When we are able to sink into who we are as spirit and feed the unseen with our spiritual practices, whether great or small, we participate in the growth and change of humanity and our world. When we are able to change ourselves and continuously grow spiritually, that energy resonates out and invites others to do the same.


Session Cost: $180 per hour

You will receive a downloadable audio copy of the session 

Payment Options: PayPal (Plus processing fee)