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StarSeeds snd Third Eye Vision

As all energy is in constant motion and change, my consciousness continues to expand in ways my star family requires. Larger and clearer perspective gives me an ability to suss out more or move through matrix energy in new and complex manners. I was born with vision and the refinement and attunements of late that have been granted come with a means to meet the velocity of what we are not meant to see; for a vast majority of humans remain ignorant and or unwilling to peer deeper into the truth of what is upon all. To awaken one's third eye brings truths that if seen all at once would potentially destroy ones mind, so layer by layer, piece by piece, opportunity to de-static one's third eye is offered. For starseeds, this is an alignment with one’s purpose and mission.

Nothing is straightforward and if it appears so, there are many hidden secrets in between. Thus, I write with a similar energy, with the hopes to encourage a growth of thought well beyond what you believe. My story is my own and it does not hold true for anyone else, for you have your story. My third eye swirls with a galactic galaxy of where I originate, golden keys and portals move with a great old tree that appears at an alignment star beings radiate.

There is a gray, muted reality that many people reside in and it is an illusion of massive density. This gray matter, so to speak, infiltrates people’s third eye, causing a heavy static that your energy pushes away from. This is resisting your own vast third eye space. The exceptional beauty in reclaiming this energy is powerful and a rebellion against the mainstream lies. I am finding in working with more and more starseeds that it is a common energy. While I listen and watch some share of their visions, which are real experiences, they also have grown to fear, even doubt it all. Confusion enters and the entities that work on keeping the confusion active and alive cheer, for this is what they want.

There is no way but in; into your inner workings, inner pain, trauma… all the density that you avoid. The great forgetting you came into this life with, must be uncovered and that means you must continue to do your spiritual work. Starseeds will feel a deep desire to remember something, as if it has been long forgotten and you keep almost catching a memory. Many experience this energy as a dream, not of this reality and tend to discount the premonition. What you seek is so close yet so far, depending on a continuum. There is no limit to the possibility of your expansion, what is required is the clearing and transforming of the density to make space. Expand your thoughts out of thoughts to enter realms where particles swim as they please, following evolution of consciousness.

May this inspire you to do something, to read and let enter visions and for you to believe. May you welcome your growth and remembering and find the place where you know this is what is of utmost importance. We need you to awaken more and more and we must find one another and co-create such energy that will help others!



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