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As we have entered into this new Gregorian year of 2020, the implications are flying around like embers ready to ignite into a raging wildfire at any moment And there are literally places upon Mother Earth burning out of control. One of the most important energies that is up is that you have a sense of, an understanding of what your spiritual purpose is here; your mission and that you begin to truly take action utilizing your medicine. This can mean many things and I see many waking up and beginning to realize universal truths and many are preparing to help create a shift. I also watch people wander, as if in a trance they can not awaken from and they blindly continue to feed the matrix as its what so many have become conditioned to do. The amazing thing is, the more that agree to follow their callings, the more that will awaken! You help by going deeper and deeper into your healing and awakenings.

I recently met a woman at a gathering and she came up to me with a twinkle in her eye and asked me about my connection to my star family. She carried an energy of creation, a high vibration that made me smile. We spoke for some time and all the while I watched her guides come in and swim in her energy. She spoke to me from a place of knowing that as spirits we are old friends and the connection was fortified. As we talked on, I asked her what she did and she sat up straight and with full confidence and pride she told me she was a farmer. I could see how much she respected and cared for Mother Earth and I could see how much Mother Earth knows her to be a steward. It brought tears to my eyes and I saw connections light up; mycelium root systems began to glow and flow into her. She spoke on how the county was trying to undermine the farm and that her family created the place generations back. Even with the challenges that came at them, they continue on for she knows this is part of her purpose.

We all are intricate beings with stories and complex woven realities. The diversity in our patterning is to be celebrated and you can rejoice in your song. There are many ways to feed life and grow your being; gaining consciousness of part of your purpose and mission this lifetime is a blessing to follow. This however, does not necessarily mean your medicine is to heal others. Perhaps it is but, this reality needs all types to help grow a new earth. Sacred farmers, designers, constellation readers, warriors, defenders… And all positions hold equal ignition. Your being is here to grow and there are lessons to face and with constant intention to your healing, along with getting to know your purpose, you will be much more capable to handle the intensities of your lessons.

How ever you choose to follow your souls calls is a good way! Keep moving toward your visions and allow them to change and evolve as you do. Nothing is fixed and all roads will eventually take you to where you are meant to be.

Much Love,



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