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Starseeds move with a different energy, a unique and unabiding knowing they are here for a reason. Usually they attempt to fit into the given parameters of “normality” and yet they stand out in some way to the masses. For a young starseed or yet to awaken starseed, this can be experienced as rejection, causing isolation and deep loneliness can set in. Most starseeds are highly sensitive with heightened spiritual gifts, they can be extremely empathic, have healing abilities and more. Starseeds of high caliber have different and unique gifts for we are here to help create change and real change requires alchemy that is of the universe.

Starseeds tend to be prolific dreamers, with strong skills in astral travel and lucid dreaming. Communication is easier for star beings in dream time especially for the unawakened starseeds. Have you experienced recurring dreams where the landscape is familiar but only in the dream space? This happens when a memory of home is activated in dream time and the imagery is remembered, although it may appear as a place on earth. The possibilities of higher awakening in dream time are vast and many and it is an excellent energy to put serious intention to. It can begin as simple as asking for your star family to connect with you in dream time before you go to sleep.

Some starseeds come into an incarnation with a layer already awakened, as was the case for me. This left me particularly confused as a young person as I could not really relate to anyone. I could see far beyond this reality and I saw dark energies as well as light. The demons I would see enter people and those people would change, unfortunately they were the adults I was around the most. I did however always have a sense of support, just not one in physical form so to speak. My personal story will be shared in the writing Awakened Starseed.

Most people have one spiritual gift that is stronger than the rest. For me I am a seer and always have been. For starseeds this is very true and its very helpful to understand your own spiritual anatomy. What sense is most heightened for you? With this you can learn to grow your other spiritual senses, for its this that needs to happen for your star family to be able to connect to deeper. Clearing out old sticky energetic blocks is what makes this possible. Working energy centers and practicing being embodies and stepping out of the thinking mind.

This brings me to the high level of consciousness starbeings exist at. If you carry a piece of them than your capacity to tap into spiritual intelligence is real. Most starseeds are smart and have an ability to understand complex workings. This also goes into your place of origin as different star beings come from different star systems. My star family is of Sirius and we move with very high intelligence having a keen awareness of physics and space. A notable energy with Sirian starseeds is also that we do not desire to Know it all. There is a very big difference in learning with an energy to flow with it verses wanting to know an energy to dominate it. Starseeds are here to help and be in service to the great changes. Not to further disrupt the natural balance of life on this beautiful Mother Earth.

Starseeds tend to be integral and when this is out of balance there is an almost magnetic push to remember spiritual truths. An unawakened starseed that functions out of integrity will feel low, their vibration will sink and it feels slow and heavy.. Spiritual laws hold true and as you awaken the constant movement of truth becomes very clear and you learn to flow with it. This is likely to deviate from common human behavior and can and will trigger people who operate out of integrity. Much of awakening and stepping into your gifts and connecting with your star family will not be like the illusion of modern life, not that you cant participate in it, there will just become a strong awareness and you can choose how and where.

Starseeds are usually labeled as old souls, wise and intense. A starseed feels most comfortable with other starseeds even if it is unconscious. There is a feeling of being seen, appreciated and uniquenesses are celebrated. Human emotions can seem a bit absurd as well as behaviors due to high emotions and its alomst as if you witness yourself when this happens to you. Starseeds are easily connect with the natural world and have a deep fondness for animals and plants as we communicate with them easily and they are direct in their ways.

To close this for now my star family have the message that the time is now! Much is in jeopardy and there is no more time to feel like you have time. Do begin, continue and constantly work on your healing and go deeply into the mystery and reMember. This requires courage and the time is upon you!



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