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Golden Starry Temple - Ritual Retreat


Phase II of Golden Starry Temple will be a culmination from phase I in a 3 day 2 night Ritual Gathering. Here we will Be together, sit together, make ritual together, create talismans and look even deeper into the belly of the beast. We will see our medicine- our purpose, support one another and move forward with change! We will go even deeper into why we gather as community, release, remove and burn old energies that may be blocking us and look closely at energies/entities that we carry… that have a purpose of destruction. All to grow stronger, more keen in perception, to help create change, to move with force Together, to plant seeds for a future we can agree to, not one forced upon us.

- Energies we will enter -

* Deep Ritual

* Creation of personal talisman

* Feeding Spirit and Golden Starry Temple

* Group divination

* Clearing entrances for unwanted energies…

* Connecting with Nature for personal Healing

* Looking at what we need to protect ourselves from and how to ARMOR up!

Phase II is only open to those that have been through phase I. The energies build on each other and in Phase I we will gently wade in the waters preparing us to jump in a little deeper for phase II.


We will be meeting at Buckhorn Springs in Ashland, Oregon. This historical, family-owned mineral springs retreat center is a special place for gathering and finding solace in the natural world.  Dedicated to holistic living, eating, and sharing - we will be amongst nature and find our community and flow as the waters flow. Accommodations and food are included in the total price and we will surround ourselves with Love, support and look to each other as family.