Awakening Starseeds

As starseeds begin to awaken and ReMember why they are here, galaxies send a great exhale, like a sweet breeze that mingles with the creation of the helix of your very DNA. As one starseed awakens, echoes resound through us all causing an alchemical substrate that connects us to grow and with the growth, the bonds of the starry consciousness weave together with more awareness; welcoming the change that is upon us. 

“Please do not believe that your mission is unimportant. Please do not let the negative ions of this planet disturb your frame work. You are surrounded with all you need to proceed and we come when it is most important.” ~Star Beings


It is of highest importance that as you awaken you do not scoff your visions, your memories, your dreams-  for your mind has changed them to fit this construct, to fit the human thinking. What if all the fleeting experiences you have dismissed as imagination or just some random thing, are actually real and what you know deep down to be Truth, is just that. What if you pushed past all the human energetic blocks that tell you how to be, feel, think.. past all that to a much bigger place where you can see well beyond the horizon of this watery planet that houses us. Where your true nature flows with distinction. Starseeds, this is but a false reality you have returned to, to help break the veil and usher in a bountiful golden new world. This mission can not be housed in a body riddled with fear of mortal death or simple human “problems”. 

Try to hear this with the core of you that knows to what we speak, not your conditioned human mind that wants to box and destroy. Let the energy not make complete sense, for you must out smart the machine energies controlling you. Waking up is a process and it can be very challenging as the awakenings are layered. You must do the work to stir your own stagnant pot and deal with what blocks you. Words are but words, Until they are formed together to create a magical riddle that you must remember to understand. Sacred knowledge is kept safe from that which would kill it and humans of this time have been enslaved with a piece of this machine that has the purpose to destroy. Your potential is a seed that must be deeply tended and put on highest priority! This is a challenge for the modern life style projection, for comfort at the cost of All else is what motivates most, consciously and unconsciously. Hidden in the need to pay bills and live a certain way. 

Starseeds eventually you will have to pull out of this comfort matrix and choose to help at all costs! You know to what we speak. While my mission is my mission and your is yours, together we can support the change and help others! 

With Love, 

Anais Szabo, Sirian starseed