StarSeeds and Animals of Earth

There is a reason some of us Starseeds have such a deep reverence and respect for animals of this Mother Earth. Animals have clear energy, clean energy; this can unfortunately be tainted and violated by the foul behaviors of humans, which is easy to witness. Star beings, my star family talk of the specialty they hold, their magical abilities and how many of them have chosen to come here to help, same as starseeds. To the untrained eye, they appear as you have been taught, exhibiting traditional behaviors. To those of us with sight well beyond the limiting eyes and those they choose to allow, we can truly see them. They manifest in particular forms yet they can easily shape shift to fit a given situation and environment. They are unburdened by the rash, senseless emotions humans love to get stuck in and as most know they can sense fear in a person immediately and they respond appropriately. There are layers and layers of directions we could share of this connection and this is the layer where we will start. 

As Star beings brought many gifts to humanity, such as culture, they also aided early humans with extra sensory abilities. Most of these ancient cultures worshipped certain animals and the sacred knowledge can still be found. Many creation stories involve animals, most mythology in general lives with the wisdom animals have always shared. My Hungarian ancestors say we are descended from hawks and our love of horses spans back endless lifetimes. If you look to your people and cultures you will find similar beliefs and knowings. This is for you to find with the pull of your ancestors. 

I have so many stories of my childhood and animals; they were gatekeepers for me, protectors, friends and family. This one they tell me to share - 

My mom had just moved me from a small country town in Tuolumne County, California where I played for endless hours alone in the forest outside our small cabin. We moved back to Oakland, California when I was 7 years old and I was very unhappy to be in the city. My mom got me a dog, he was a malamute and german shepard mix, he was giant and we called him Humphrey. We had what I recall a huge yard, there were avocado trees, plum trees and flowers everywhere. I experienced life as a trauma then and Humphrey was always by my side. He would talk to me and take me on grand adventures. I would ride him in our backyard, and he would let his wings out. We would travel, which was like moving through pulsing tunnels to land in open places not of this planet, where he was no longer in his dog body. He taught me many important lessons and helped me learn to keep my vision open and clear. Time hoping, time traveling was what we did and when we did I was able to be the young girl incarnate in a human vessel and my true self consciously simultaneously. 

When we had to re-home Humphrey I was devastated and Humphrey told me not to worry, he would still come and take me places. He did for a long time and on our last time portal visit he told me was was going back home. 

Nothing is as this hologram illusion shows you. Truth is in the energy you brush off, uncertain if its real. Question what is real! Perceive long past this what you simply see and expand into higher consciousness; This is where you evolve.