Starry Whales and Star Beings

“Let us reverberate with a chime together, as we attune with our kin that soar with the sea of this planet” 

Sky people, my family calls to the records, as they pulse with sounds reverberating and connecting to whales and their teachings. I awoke to a sense of confusion this morning, which lead to subtle agitation and then to grief. Once in that watery place they began to download an activation that is ancient and yet new; for the ancient here have begun to shape shift and adapt in ways that are strange, stretched and painful. Please listen to this- as they call for your attention. 

“ Your waters are spilling with ignorance and destruction that inhibits the release of life that our family there came to give. We experience the desire to annihilate that breeds in deep greed humans have come to worship. We call to those that still breath air and receive the gift of gratitude, for far too many have long lost their way and can not be aided. Those that can, will weep with loss and sink in the tears of the great ones that fill the very substrate they swim in. Rectify your position, turn your gaze from ocular happenstance for we can not help when your true sight is bound in concrete. Recognize you partake in all that transpires and to break that human made gray matter You Must Reform the blood soaked allegiances you blindly follow. When you believe the lie to the point of defending the life you believe you aspire to, you sign the deed to your own soul and illusion. Now is where all transpires, looping and refracting upon a great axis. Move!” 

Whales are magical creatures that come from the stars, their blood holds stories of time immortal. They literally give us life and perception that is needed to be apart of the great change. We have much to say about the many, many layers of them and for Now this message is what needs to permeate… 

With Love,