Star Beings Speak

Yesterday my star family told me to begin to share some of my personal experiences with them and I made a video in response. This morning they pushes through rather strong with this message to people- 

“Breathe into the unwarranted ideas that has been fused into you, for they are there for you to believe they are yours. Focus your sight to a precision that is not of the planet and dissect out what has been implanted. We see many listen as she shares one small story from her vast whale bone library and we watch these implants fry out the recognition and potential activation. We can only show you what you can see, only offer you to where you can hold. Turn to what adamantly struggles to stop you from proceeding into your own limitless time portal and examine the mind of this device; as you will see its mind is only a plug from a bigger system that's cogs are treacherous. 

This body you are in easily runs fear and this emotion causes many to fear mortality and act as though there is an immortality elixir for this one incarnation. Your vessel will transform and you will again become spirit. This is truth and not of concern! Find your stout, stern desire to be on mission and determination and we can further assist.”

I will leave it with this guidance as it echoes through…

Love and Blessings