Channeled Star Being teachings - Sirian Elders Speak

“Look at your life not as a finite timeline, rather begin to find the tiny puzzles that echo with longing to be uncovered. Each riddles meeting point is a doorway to the next one, each building together, for they can not be without the other. The traumas one experiences incarnate require diligent healing and continued movement; it is in what’s behind the pain that lies the answer that will illuminate the next step. To continue to avoid is to continue to be a pawn in the great battle that is happening. Look through the eye that you have, see beyond the static false walls of these holographic realities, of the confines of your body and stretch yourself as much as you can until the taught layer is upon you… this is when another birth will take place. We watch and as time is not as you believe we wait and we continue to add to the mystery that you must enter. Continue to shed the fears you experience and seek the point where the vertical and the horizontal meet - The Origin - this is where you can truly begin to submerge into these truths.“ 

the golden ratio

My Sirain elders spoke this message and send it out to all that find it. Change is upon us and the choice becomes yours as to how much you are willing to commit to participating, consciously, in the energies that are coming through to help. To do nothing is to feed what tries to destroy and this machine does not sleep nor do its servants. StarSeeds know this in some form or another and if you do... than it is time! 

Love and Blessings