Star Beings and Autumnal Equinox

I begin to write and my star family tells me that humans have forgotten so much, even the important energy time points and how to create. 

Equinox is when Mother Earth's axis does not tilt toward or away from the sun and only occurs twice a year. We welcome autumn in the northern hemisphere and vernal in southern on September 23. The night and day are almost equal amounts of time; hence the word equinox meaning “equal night” derived from latin. Simple, if you don't understand how this works, learn! 

Star systems

The spiritual significance is what we will look to here. To say, this is not new information, your ancestors understood the importance of what we will share and it is in your bones… maybe dormant but there none the less. Mother Earth is not the only planet that experiences such alignments, may planets in many other systems… These alignments literally align a planet to stars and constellations. Given the planet and where one is upon that place. We will speak of Earth and humans and the gifts that come with such positioning and vibrations of connection. 

Nothing is static, all is in motion constantly and happening in different realities and frequencies. To calibrate oneself with the natural rhythms is to go beyond the self and move into the bigger picture and energy of the beyond. Human incarnations are limiting in the deep forgetting that occurs with birth and the circumstances of these modern times. For so much sacred knowledge has been ripped from the collective for purposes of enslavement and dark, dense forces. Fear not, reclamation is possible if you choose to relearn and dig well beyond what you have been taught and believe to know. 

To connect to this planetary alignment, means to literally do just that. Connect! Understand the basic workings of what is actually aligning and expand your mind to the cosmos, knowing your vessels feet are upon mother earth. Look to the sky, listen to the hum that comes with refracting… Lose yourself to the pulse of what is created when these alignments occurs. While time is an illusion, you can sit outside at 12 noon or 12 midnight and ground into the mystery. Be open to what comes to you, try not to force, but simply be and allow. Call to your ancestors for their ancient knowings to come to you once again. Gift this beautiful planet we call home with delightful offerings and give back as much as you can! 

Love and Blessings