How to tell a Spirit Guide from an entity

How do i tell a spirit guide from an entity? This I have been asked this enough times that my star family says it is something to address. We all have many spirit guides, animal spirits and ancestral animal totems. Depending on your souls blueprint and origination you may have star being or Fae blood or or… And lets keep it somewhat simple for this. We all have guides that are a part of source, light beings that help you all the time. Different animal spirits will show up for you through different soul lessons and totem animals come from your ancestry. 

What is most important is to build a reciprocal relationship with your guides. How can you tell when they are communicating with you? Recognizing your guides energy begins with you being able to know what Your energy feels like. This way you can begin to tell when their is energy near or in you that is not yours. This doesn't mean any time there is foreign energy in you its an entity, it does mean discernment is very important. Practicing meditation, going inward, running your energy and doing clearings is how to keep in connection with yourself. Its from a more grounded, centered place you can connect with your soul guides. 

Whether you are conscious of them or not, your guides are always support you and are working with you. They will feel, sound, be like an energy you already know in some way. As you go deeper with them, they will share more and your consciousness will grow. You will feel a resonance with you guides and they will help you.

Entities, dark spirits and demons are tricky and attach themselves to people for various reasons. Dealing them, clearing them, removing them is work we all have to repeatedly do. Some signs you are dealing with a dark spirit is you feel exhausted, confused about what you feel they are communicating, energetically triggered, uncertain of them. Connecting with soul guides from Source deeply helps the process of ongoing clearings. 

Believe that you are a light being because you are and as you grow spiritually, so do your connections to all your guides! 

Love and Blessings