What is Light Language?

Lets begin with the truth that starseeds have inherent, distinct, creative expressions that are channeled from their star families and light beings of source. This expression can come through in different ways and speaks to sacred higher consciousness and intelligence. Star beings have been apart of the creation of humanity and culture from the beginning and ancient rock art depicts visits. Light beings that originate directly from source as well as angels have allowed some to channel their divine language. Priestesses and priests of many ancient religions welcome Goddesses and Gods to enter them during ritual, thus channeling their messages and healings, which can express as a language unknown to humans. 

Universal consciousness

Universal consciousness

As with many spiritual energies that become trendy or sprawl through the mainstream, light language has become a coined phrase used by many and is popular at the moment. While it is a powerful force for spiritual wisdom to grow and people to wake up there is also the flip side of the abuse of sacred knowledge where the trend actually begins to cause a subtle erosion. The divine energy recoils from improper approach and wisdom thus creating an opposing energy to its actual medicine. Higher consciousness, divine beings require an opening in you to be able to even catch a whiff of their power; if everyone could connect directly with them from their current conscious state, this matrix reality would not be. The reality is the density of the machine has pervaded these times and as Spirit meets the energy with grace and guidance, it is up to each of us to do the ongoing spiritual healing work that is our own. There is no magic wake up pill. Spiritual awakenings are layered and continue through incarnations. 

While it is important to be brave and bold one must learn to also hold humility and remember that Spirit is a part of the mystery and its not for you to Know everything. Modern times have created arrogant people who believe they can master the universe...We are a part of everything and must honor what gives us life. Learn of your peoples ancient cultures, read classic books, allow your mind to expand way beyond what is currently taught. Meditate and run your energy daily; go within and find an opening. Feed Spirit, create altars, leave offerings in nature! You can not rise above the healing you must do, you must go directly into it. This helps feed the collective!

Love and Blessings