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Starry Community Membership

Blessings community!

This space has been designed for us to share exclusive content made just for the membership. There will be channeled videos of guidance and more. You will be able to ask questions on the videos and Anais will respond to most. There are three choices of membership that hopefully allows for all who desire to join the ability to do so. 

The different planetary subscriptions offer a variety of access, with Jupiter being the most expansive,  offering weekly channeled videos and a monthly live (the live will be recorded and available after for Jupiter subscription).

Starry membership intro

Starry membership intro

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  • Jupiter Subscription

    Every month
    Expansive Membership
    • Weekly videos from Anais
    • 1 guided visualization a month
    • Monthly live video with question space
    • Ask questions on videos and receive answers
    • Some questions will be selected for weekly videos
  • Saturn Subscription

    Every month
    • weekly videos from Anais
    • Ask questions on videos
    • Some questions answered on new videos
  • Neptune Subscription

    Every month
    • 3 monthly videos from Anais
    • ask questions on videos
    • Some questions answered in new videos