payment plans for Golden Starry Temple-year 1, 2019

The total tuition is $4711.00, which includes all classes and ritual participation. The lodging for the ritual gatherings is also included. If circumstances arise that prevent you from participating in all classes and rituals, you are still responsible for payment of the full amount. We do have a private class page, where the classes recordings will be available. FULL TUITION must be paid before protection ritual SEPTEMBER , 2019. Please note a 5% fee will be added monthly to any unpaid balance. 


There is a $511.00 USD, nonrefundable deposit due upon acceptance to the school. Remaining balance is $4200.00


Payment plans -

We offer various plans to help accommodate your financial situation. Please choose a plan that works best for you and submit upon acceptance to join. 

FULL PAYMENT - $4711.00 minus $511 deposit = $4200.00

TWO PAYMENTS - $2100.00. First due by Jan 26 and second due before Sep 26, 2019