Welcome to Golden Starry Temple Mystery School

This temple, which resounds with gold and aligns to stars of ancient knowledge, where inside a great tree- he stretches to the milky way, as swans sing a hymn with bees. It is here at the base of this great tree, the Golden Goddess comes, when Her riddles are spoken, when codes are for set, when one approaches holding hands with their ancestors, dressed in threads of old; those woven with blessings of all their lineages. All is not forgotten, a time is upon us to set new foundations, to unwire, to un-code some of the deep implanted conditioning which keeps the pulse of Source appearing vague. A time to reclaim yourself, to connect and welcome home,  as was once done, long ago. 


The mission of Golden Starry Temple is to delve into great mysteries that once were understood. For you to look deep within and inquire of your ancestors, your guides. Those that walk and move with you- those that whisper guidance along the way. To come to them, knees bent, pleading for a relationship you actively partake in. To attempt to re-wild a part of you that has been pounded down, beat into submission by a modern machine driven world. For its in our own deep ancestral memories we must begin to awaken. We much choose to stop and really settle ourselves, to begin to start. We all come from histories of pain, of trauma and we can choose to gather, as broken as we are, because this is where we can and must begin to heal.

Its time to remember we all have a purpose, a mission, a quest - we are here to ride. Question is, how do we sprout wings? How do we find the lake to sit at and witness a reflection that breaths life and offers tales to follow? The stories are as endless as is the infinite gaze of the Goddess, as deep as the set stare of a dragon... To find an essence of your ancestral wisdom is to begin to reclaim a place that waits, open and alone. For this, we start with the pillars that can potentially hold you as a temple, hold your story as the quest that it is. Pillars that are cosmically orientated to fires that sparkle from beyond. 

These pillars are the first year of Golden Starry Temple, its where we lay a foundation. We look for those ready to deeply commit to the journey spirit offers. We hope to demolish energies and build again, alchemizing density and regrowing ourselves from our inner compost- into fertile grounds we can once again care for. Walking with Your Ancestors, their blessings and their stories alive in You. For it is from this soil that our own unique soul’s Purpose can spring forth into the world, protected by Spirit, to shine Light in these turbulent times, which is so desperately needing us to stand in our power, or truths, and our Missions, now more than ever before.




We begin where we began, where your forbearers began, where their forbears began...  This is Your foundation, literally. We will enliven, awaken, honor and remember - who you come from, where they came from and the rich cultures that are the tapestry of your being.  We will attempt to demystify the gaps in you that hold space for your ancestors. No one's story is void of pain, trauma, dark acts, dark energy... and it affects you no mater if you choose to pay attention or not. We carry our family pain, we inherit the unprocessed, unhealed grief, sickness, patterns... We also receive their kindness, quirkiness, intelligence, spiritual gifts and above all their prayers for us. To begin to deeply know yourself, you must know who you come from. While all the work I do is laced with Ancestors, here we specifically prepare an opening for an ongoing path to unfold, as you unfold. We move towards the Ancestor Healing Ritual, hopefully armed with treasures that have excavated during this class. Ancestral work is ongoing, so wether you have already delved into this work or not it will grow you and help them. 


3 week online class. Once a week 2.5 hours.




You as a spirit have come here with purpose. You have come ready for lessons, ready for your own evolution and you knew what you were coming into. We are birthed into new bodies and we slowly forget… we forget who we are, we forget why we are here and we forget souce...a painful feeling that brings anguish. Many get lost in the human experience. And, and… we can all recall a feeling, a fleeting memory, like a dream we once remembered and try to call back, a knowing that we have a purpose… Synchronistic moments remind you and you yearn to remember, yearn for home, even if you have forgotten what that is. Here you will court our purpose, like a gentle love you long to embrace. For you can not grab, demand or force purpose. You can patiently allow subtle openings to appear and send all the finery your tongue and heart can manage. To rewild the part of you that is caged in a dark iron machine... this requires all your best. Purpose, like all things, has layers, so even if you feel you know a part of your purpose… this you attempt to grow!


7 week online zoom class, once a week 2.5 hours



-Ancestor Ritual & purpose integratioN-

In-person Ritual Gathering

This powerful ritual, taught to me by Malidoma Some, is where we bring together our ancestors, where we help transition some of them to the otherworld. We come, arms full of flowers and stories, gathered from the investigation you have done though the ancestral tending class. We enter this space with all our ancestral grief,  longing, and somewhere in our DNA, the memory of their ways. We will also be honoring your purpose work and weaving it through our gathering. 

In Northern California




In a process to Reclaim ourselves from this homogenized pool of modern tv, matrix enforced reality; in the attempt to open to a re-wilding of an enslaved part of your soul, we must look to what blocks you.  Spiritual protection is an important facet in the work we do. It's here we look at where you are unconscious, where your wounds, traumas, pains and addictions create openings for unwanted energies. With awareness you can create change, but you must be brave enough to see what binds you, brave enough to get into energies that need alchemizing. This we do together, sharing and holding space for one another as community. We will call upon guidance and help from spirit and you will work with your guides through out the class.


7 week online zoom class, once a week for 2.5 hours



- Protection & Magic Ritual -


Integrating all the medicine and magic you have been working over the past months; the healing, the connections,  the clearings... We gathering and make ritual. We let go of old and die parts of ourselves that are ready- we release fears, we feed spirit and we pray in blessings for growth and deeper awareness. Walking with a relationship of a layer of your purpose, you enter your life from a new perspective. Your kaleidoscope of light shining all the more bright, we will bare witness to one another, as you offer your love and commitment to your spiritual paths and ways. 

Northern California

The cost for the school year one is $4711.00. Lodging included.

We have a few options for payments. 

To request to apply for the 2019 group for year 1, please inquire below.  The first phase is an application.