Golden Starry Temple Class


Welcome. This is where I will upload our class videos, put homework and other communications. I will keep the class videos up the entirety of our class, so if you miss one or just want to come back to one, they will be here. We have our private facebook group as well. I look forward to seeing all your lovely faces soon!

Love Anais 


For all classes, please set your space prior to call. Pray, light candle, make offerings... meditate... have rattle, drum... to pray. If you have sacred tools, rocks, talismans- have those with you. 


 Honey Badger

Honey Badger

Class 1

Hello lovelies! Today was potent and spirit came with some ferocious energy! I appreciate you all showing up and sharing yourselves. We are all in this together... Onward warriors. 

So, unfortunately, zoom did not record this class to my computer... Interesting and how it is meant to be. I have double checking all my settings on there so it should record the rest. 


* Tune into an animal that comes to you around camouflage... just see what energy appears through the week.

* Dream Journal- new one, spend some time to feed it, ask it to work with you... Paint it, put pictures... something. Can be simple or elaborate. Honor it as a holder of the words and energy you will hope lands there. 

* Am I awake checks... Try to do this a few times through the day. Look at a clock, your hand, words and ask "Am I awake" 

* Create Mantra - please share on FB, might inspire 



Love and Blessings! Thank all for showing up vulnerably and real today. I am going to upload audio only here for class today and see how it goes. Let me know.


* Connect with animal spirit you saw... today. Begin to build a relationship, keeping in mind the intention.

* Continue dream work- add in lucid part to mantra if you have not. 

* Continue to be open and pay attention to energy around you and in you- as Michael is already sharing- watch for all the Synchronicities! 



PHI- 1: 1.618 


* Research dragons connected to your Ancestry. Go far, look into mythology, folklore... see what you find! 

* Learn about Phi, connected to what energy calls you- art, music, mathematics, philosophy, anatomy, astronomy.....

* Keep working lucid dreaming- expect unpleasant (all perspective) dreams. We must face dark energy to get to.....

* Keep connecting with animal spirit around camouflage, vibe with cloak


Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 9.37.19 AM.png

Class 4


name a trauma. A demon feeds on that energy- grab that demon- look it in the eye and name it for what it is. The energy that stops you... 

Write the trauma on a paper- be as simple or creative as you feel called. Twist the paper- you are binding the demon- wrap it with twine, wire, rope... 

Place window, some where grandmother moon will illuminate at night. 

Wed the 13th remove. Feel into which element calls to you to help transform the energy. Fire- burn it, Water- dissolve it, Earth- compost it. This will change you! Receptors will be alchemized, ones that once dark energy plug into. Let it flush through you. 

Your journey is sacred. Your life is an epic story moving through time... Remember that!  

* Class did not record... 

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.00.32 AM.png

Class 5

Releasing demon ritual- those that are still in prices with this ritual, we look forward to hearing how it goes! 


Research how Your ancient ancestors ritualized the dead. Se what you can find of old, pagan... rituals. 

Feed spirit, your ancestors- try milk, honey, butter....... 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.37.08 PM.png



Learn of mountains and mountain ranges where your ancestors walked, lived, traveled. Tune into, pray to, make offerings to mountain spirit.

Look into constellations you are attracted to, stars- they are connected to where your ancestors were.