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Energy Awareness & ReConnection workshop- MN

When you awaken your sensitivity to energy, reconnect to your memories and  practice energetic boundaries, you can begin to experience new layers of realities that resonate with your soul and creating expansion. The mundane is simply one flat, three dimensional reality and if it’s all one chooses to experience- life can feel lonely and bland. Everything is energy and as a spirit you know this - it’s about remembering and reconnecting to source, your guides, Mother Earth and your ancestors. To move closer to reciprocity and give thanks for this incarnation and all the blessings you receive.

In this gathering we will create a space held together with love and respect,  where you can explore your energetic makeup. You will go inward, be guided on running your energy, connect with your guides and begin to release what is not serving you. We will be creating an altar and we will collectively feed spirit. As community we will bring to life seeds that are planted deep in you that long to sprout! Its our collective energy that will create such a substrate.

Saturday July 20, 2019

11am - 5pm

Minneapolis, MN

Energies we will go into

  • Running your energy

  • Creating energetic boundaries

  • Connecting to your guides

  • Making offerings to spirit

  • Altar creation

  • Ritual

The cost of the workshop is $333.00, with $75 non-refundable deposit due asap to hold your spot

Details will be emailed upon welcome to workshop.

Please bring all of the items on email, as we will use them all.

Later Event: July 22
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